“To uncover our sexual value from shame and judgement, we must normalize conversations about sex. If you are brining knowledge to the world about sex, sexuality, health, intimacy, relationships, or pleasure there is a place for you here!”

Kate Oliver



Conscious uncoupling could make breaking up easier to do.  You probably heard some journalists snicker when actress Gwyneth Paltrow recently used the …

Cuddling What are some different ways to cuddle?Some common positions are: spooning (both lying facing the same direction, with the “big spoon” …

How to be More Socially Confident Some people have social confidence to spare. It’s easy to see that some children are seemingly …

     What A Daddy/Dom Is        LongTermDom62M Dom Male Friends request to my submissive must be sent to Me …

When I first considered this topic, it seemed fairly simple to address. But that word. “Shaming,” hit me like a ton of …

Hey gorgeous people! It’s been a hot minute! Lots of exciting things happening & super excited & honored to be able to …

This week, Cath Hakanson thought we could look at the most common questions parents ask about the puberty talk, and I agree. …

Hi there! SexEd Rescue just sent this to me and I really wanted to share with everyone!~ Enjoy Today I wanted to …

Hazel-Grace Yeats
Hazel-Grace Yeatshttps://www.drhazelgrace.com/
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"I adore being an intimacy coach because I get to educate and empower people on their sexual journeys. My goal is to help people to feel free. Passionate. Uninhibited. Turned on. Excited about the possibilities in and out of the bedroom. And, it is my hope to inspire people of privilege in my community to come together to use our privilege for good."
Reid Mihalko
Reid MihalkoRiedaboutsex.com
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"I use my humor, my unabashedness, and my years of experience working with thousands of individuals to make talking and learning about sex empowering and fun. My mission is to give men and women new tools to transform their love lives into fulfilling, satisfying, and sustainable expressions of self. "
Kelly Noel Ziva
Kelly Noel Zivamarketing alchemist
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Most biz coaching programs (and marketing strategies) were not designed for the sexual wellness industry. I specializes in copywriting, funnel design, and biz process development.
Caz Perry
Caz Perryhttps://connectwithcaz.com/
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As a multiply disabled person I have experienced less than equal access or representation and I know many in the difference abled community who are being ignored, excluded, undervalued and feel left without voice. Blogging began as a way to cope.
Justine Ang Fonte
Justine Ang Fontejustinefonte.com
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"I have received requests from followers [to ghostwrite] non-dating scripts to break up with their therapist, ask for a raise, and draw boundaries when communicating with a body-shaming or bigoted relative. Level up: instead of a bye, send a good bye!"
Cathy Vartuli
Cathy Vartulitheintimacydojo.com
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Most of us don’t know how to consciously nurture and open to intimacy. We don’t know how to invite connection and deep sharing. I know. I was there. I felt so alone and deeply aware of the struggles people can have with body image, social awkwardness and shyness.
Hannah Zollers
Hannah ZollersCommittee Volunteer
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"I've always been passionate about breaking down the stigma of talking about sex. People like me, myself being a transgender lesbian, often don't have access to many quality resources for sex education, if any at all. The KINDer Foundation is working to change that, and I'm so happy to be a part of the change I wish to see in the conversation."

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The KINDer Foundation believes the way each of us talks about sex, gender, and relationships can be said with either confidence or anxiety, because it’s not only WHAT we say, but also HOW we say it that counts!