A few great programs to become the Professional Sex-Leader you know you can be.


These trainings, conferences, workshops and certification programs connect students with leading experts in our growing field.

We are committed to bringing you the best sex-positive inspired trainings that are supportive, safe and responsible.  If you have a sex positive program you’re thrilled about, we want to know about it!

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  • Certified Love Coach Program: Love coaching is the evolution of life coaching, and is the 2nd most popular growing career choice today. Start a rewarding career as a love, relationship and intimacy coach with Loveology University today, so you can help others realize their full intimate potential, find their soul mates and enjoy everlasting love.
  • The Certified Love Coach Program is an extensive four level curriculum that includes 40 Multimedia Course Presentations, 21 training videos, 12 erotic instructional videos, 22 Ask The Expert videos, 30 Sexpert ‘mythbuster’ videos, 6 Documentaries, 32 audios, and 21 books and e-books. This combined material represents over 300 hours in the entire master program at Loveology University® which entitles graduates to receive a Loveologist® Love Coach Certificate, as well as their certification as a Master Sexpert and Relationship Expert, since those curricula are part of the master program. Graduates are automatically eligible to apply for membership to the American College of Sexologists International, a globally recognized organization since 2002.
  • Certified Relationship Coach Program:  Loveology University’s Relationship Coach Program offers you certification as a relationship coach, dating coach and couples intimacy coach. Relationship coaching for couples is one of the most rewarding careers because you’re helping people improve the quality of their love lives. Whether they are dating, engaged, beginning a new relationship, married or in a committed partnership, you can teach them how to rekindle romance, intimacy, and passion.  Learn expert relationship coaching techniques and effective client communication skills to get certified as a relationship coach.
  • Certified Master Sexpert & Sex Coach: Wondering, What is a sexpert? Dr. Ava offers Master Sexpert training which combines relationship coaching with sex education.  Sex coaches (sexperts) help individuals and couples create healthy, happy sex lives based on the goals they want to achieve.  Unlike Sex Therapists who work more on people’s past problems, sex coaches and sexperts focus on future goals and empowerment.
  • Sex Geek Conservatory: Overcome your “stage fright” and tap into your authentic teaching style with Reid Mihalko to become a more engaging, charismatic, trustworthy presenter and public speaker!
    Feel more self-confident teaching in front of small and large group, on camera or Skype, or giving 1-on-1 interviews and leading coaching sessions.  Earn the respect of your peers by learning how to weave advanced teaching techniques with powerful performance skills.
  • Interested in a specific sex topic? Explore some of the individual course videos with Dr. Ava at Loveology University.
  • Increase your professionalism, prowess, and potential as a sex educator!
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