Professionals in the field believe that as soon as kids can talk, it’s time for them to hear “The Talk”, but how many of us are informed and comfortable with these topics ourselves?  The KINDer Foundation encourages intellectual and sexual curiosities and is committed to providing everyone with an environment that is appropriate for the diversity of human sexuality, personal growth, and conscious transformation one person at a time, across the globe. A healthy sexual education at every age provides the strongest foundation to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future. 

Parents, It’s important, politically and ethically, to get explicit parent permission for sex education; indeed, state law may make that mandatory. This is why we are partnering with parents, because you are your children’s first and most important sex educators, especially in the area of values and behavioral expectations, and they need to know where you stand. 

We can help you clarify your own attitudes and perspectives so you can create a well-formulated, well-delivered discussion. YOU make a tremendously important contribution to your young adolescent’s development. The goal is to help them sort out the confusing messages they get from peers, social media, TV, movies, and the internet; talk comfortably and knowledgeably about sex with family members, friends, and lovers; and greatly improve their chances of making it through the teen years without disturbing or traumatizing sexual experiences. Good sex education just might help them lead happy sex lives as adults. These are worthy goals to strive toward!

If you are concerned about managing your children’s access to sites with adult content, we suggest you check out: NetNanny

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