Founding Members


Kate Oliver, LPE

President and Founder

“I believe in sex-education that encourages finding a voice in our own sexual pleasure, health, and wellness.  My clients confidently define their own sexual values without judgement.  With reduced feelings of shame, they are able to free the emotional space needed to make better-informed choices about their sexuality.”  


Jeff Fuja

Vice President

“I am dedicated to bridging the adult sexual & health education gap by creating a fun, pleasure-positive learning environment for adults to explore sexuality, increase confidence and enhance intimate experiences. I aim to normalize conversations about gender, sex, self-care and intimacy.”


Caz Perry (they/them)

Data Analyst & Systems Administrator

“As a multiply disabled person I have experienced less than equal access or representation and I know many in the difference abled community who are being ignored, excluded, undervalued and feel left without voice. Blogging began as a way to cope.”


Dr. Francois-Dornbusch

Wholistic Naturopath


James Zatopa

Website Management

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Hannah Zollers

Committee Volunteer

“I’ve always been passionate about breaking down the stigma of talking about sex. People like me, myself being a transgender lesbian, often don’t have access to many quality resources for sex education, if any at all. The KINDer Foundation is working to change that, and I’m so happy to be a part of the change I wish to see in the conversation.”


Susan Rosney

Events Coordinator

Violet Sky

Violet Sky


Sex must be approached honestly, accurately, openly, inclusively, and respectfully enabling us to get in touch with our sexuality—a key aspect of our health—and allowing us to explore, enjoy, grow, and relate to others safely and naturally.
Find my educational information and insights at TKFND blog.

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Being Sexually health means being able to enjoy an healthier body,
a satisfying sexual life, positive relationships, and piece of mind.

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