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Join the Network: Your voice, content, or event could make a profound and lasting effect in someone’s sex life!

Please view these criteria as aspirational, not necessarily definitive and exclusive. We ask all applicants to make a good faith effort to provide us with evidence of meeting all four headings of general criteria. These are broad examples.

(1) General competency as a professional. 

      1. *A copy of your current license, or other advanced certification in a recognized therapeutic modality (required).
      2. Evidence of general clinical competence could include letters of recommendation
      3. Extensive reading on the history, arts, literature, and sociology of the community, evidenced by an extensive bibliography in one of your presentations or on your website.

(2) Cultural competence about sexuality and the subculture community.

      1. Participation in workshops, munches, seminars or expos in the community, or volunteering in substantial ways.
      2. Publication of materials directed to the community; and/or
      3. Listing of local and national links on your website to educate the larger community and be more inclusive in your own advertising.

(3)  Professional/scientific research about therapy and kink, for example:

      1. Earning 4 CEs over the last two years in a professional setting relating to sexuality, gender or relationships.
      2. Attending advanced training about kink and therapy through an accredited agency, like ASSECT
      3. Extensive reading of the relevant research and theory on sexuality in subcultures, evidenced by an extensive bibliography for your presentations or posted on your website. .

(4) An effort to include human sexuality beyond standard practice in a thoughtful way

      1. You’ve sought supervision or consultation from a recognized “expert in the field” 
      2. Can articulate a developmental model of kink-positive identity and how it relates to treatment planning
      3. Can articulate how you’ve integrated cultural competency and your understanding of sex theory into your primary philosophy

Subculture groups have values and norms that are distinct from those held by the majority. Culture is what makes up a society’s expression

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