Daddy Dom & his little

     What A Daddy/Dom Is        LongTermDom62M Dom Male Friends request to my submissive must be sent to Me I will forward your information She will be the one to review if she wants to add you ! What A Daddy/Dom Is written by @WizarDavid on FetLifeWell, to start with, a Daddy Dom is […]

TIMEOUT! Is our safe word

A consensual non-consent story I took the kids to the pool.  They had just finished swimming lessons a few weeks before, yet they were still fearful of actually jumping into the water. So, I was trying to teach them not to be afraid of jumping in, of course, by doing exactly that and throwing them […]

Intro to BDSM & Kink: a podcast with Her Sexual Space featuring Susan Rosney

Today we have another sex educator on the podcast! Susan Rosney is a member of  Sexual Health Alliance and an affiliate with The Kinder Foundation.  Susan likes to help others talk about healthy sexuality and here to talk to us about her specialty- BDSM & Kink. She is laying the foundation and serving a ton […]

How to Create the Perfect Virtual Event Venue

The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe How to Create the Perfect Virtual Event Venue By Lauren on 4.15.21  Blog, Tips & Tricks Hosting a virtual event means you don’t have to worry about the venue, right? Not exactly. Even though you don’t need to think about coat check or catering, you still need to create a venue for your virtual event […]

Meet Colin Lindsay

A wonderful discussion with author and creator Colin Lindsay where we talk about the creative process and how it fits into his wonderful works depicting strong young women protagonists. Follow the link to find all of Colin’s books on Amazon! The Goddess’s Scythe (3 book series) Raven’s Wings: Chosen by the Goddess (The Goddess’s Scythe Book […]

Sex FAQ’s and Stats at Kinsey Institute

Age & sexual activity Average age of first intercourse, by gender, in the United States (Read more »): Males: 16.8 yrs Females: 17.2 yrs Teen sexual activity, contraceptive use, teen pregnancy, abortion, and STIs: American Teens’ Sexual and Reproductive Health (2014) 28% of Americans over age 45 report they had sexual intercourse once a week or more in the last six months, and 40% report […]

Join the effort and support us!

Donate or Share on Social Here at the KINDer Foundation, we envision a world where sexual health and enjoyment is spoken about as an important part of every individual’s overall health.  We are encouraged by every smart and courageous person in our global community who learns the beauty of intimacy, who searches to find support and acceptance […]

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom: We’re in the Directory!

The KINDer Foundation, NFP Business Name: The KINDer Foundation, NFPName of Primary Practitioner: GROUPBusiness Genre:Health and Wellness (non M.D.)Long Business Description: The way each of us talks about our body parts, sex, gender, and relationships can be said with either confidence or anxiety.  Growing up in a family where sexuality is treated with disgust colors our sense […]