Need to compose an assertive yet compassionate goodbye? Meet Justine!

Justine Ang Fonte is “The Friendly Ghostwriter” behind the new Instagram account @_good.byes_ . She describes herself as “a sex educator with 8 years of heterosexual dating in New York City as a cis-Asian woman with boundaries, compassion, and a thesaurus.” She received her Master’s in Education in Teaching from the University of Hawai’i and […]

Daddy Dom & his little

     What A Daddy/Dom Is        LongTermDom62M Dom Male Friends request to my submissive must be sent to Me I will forward your information She will be the one to review if she wants to add you ! What A Daddy/Dom Is written by @WizarDavid on FetLifeWell, to start with, a Daddy Dom is […]

Is “NMK” Really Better Than Kink Shaming? (And SO Much More)

When I first considered this topic, it seemed fairly simple to address. But that word. “Shaming,” hit me like a ton of bricks, yet inspired me to explore it further in order to really understand and explain the nuances between the two. Not as simple a task as I had first thought, but a perfect […]

Intimacy – what does that mean to YOU?

Hey gorgeous people! It’s been a hot minute! Lots of exciting things happening & super excited & honored to be able to share & learn here with you all. Today I’d like to talk a bit abouf Intimacy. Pause there for just a moment, and ask yourself, “what does that word even mean to me?” […]

Common Questions Parents ask about The PUBERTY TALK

This week, Cath Hakanson thought we could look at the most common questions parents ask about the puberty talk, and I agree. Here’s what she wrote, Enjoy! How do I get started? Well, lucky for you, there’s quite a few different ways to get started! I cover quite a few of them in The Parents’ Guide to Puberty, […]

The Parents’ Guide to Puberty

Hi there! SexEd Rescue just sent this to me and I really wanted to share with everyone!~ Enjoy Today I wanted to talk about how The Parents’ Guide to Puberty is different from all the other puberty books that are out there. The main difference is that it’s a book for parents (not kids). 99.99% […]

Sex Smart Films

SexSmart News NEW Online Course — BEYOND THE PURITANICAL: A CROSS CULTURAL PERSPECTIVE FOR PUBLIC SEXUAL HEALTH EDUCATION By Mark Schoen, Ph.D. NEEDS ASSESSMENT The field of human sexuality places a strong emphasis on therapy and research. Research confirms that education plays an important part in the prevention of HIV/AIDS and teen pregnancy. The lack […]

“Period. End of Sentence: A new Chapter in the Fight for Menstrual Justice”

“Period. End of Sentence.: A New Chapter in the Fight for Menstrual Justice” By Rich Fisher • Jun 24, 2021 Related Program:  StudioTulsa ShareTweetEmail Aired on Thursday, June 24th. When the documentary film “Period. End of Sentence.” won an Oscar in 2019, the film’s co-producer, Melissa Berton, said in her acceptance speech: “A period should […]

Book Review – Sex God by Rob Bell

I’m just going to spill all the tea from the get-go and let you know this is one of the best books I’ve read about sex and sexuality in quite some time. Bell begins with the absolutely true point that many, many aspects of our lives relate to our sexuality. He goes on to integrate […]