STD Testing for Teens and Young Adults

STD Prevention and Testing: How to Talk to Your Teen Updated June 4, 2021 Reviewed by Adel Karsou, clinical lab scientist Talking to your teen about sex can be extremely challenging and downright awkward. But it’s critical to talk to your teen about sex and the risks involved, particularly when it comes to sexually transmitted […]


Jealousy and Envy pack a 1-2 punch – and it’s totally expected! While big emotions can be uncomfortable at times, feelings of jealousy and envy can really take us by surprise.     It happens when we think something in particular belongs to just us and we don’t want to share.  I always think of Spiderman’s […]

Is “NMK” Really Better Than Kink Shaming? (And SO much more)

When I first considered this topic, it seemed fairly simple to address. But that word. “Shaming,” hit me like a ton of bricks, yet inspired me to explore it further in order to really understand and explain the nuances between the two. Not as simple a task as I had first thought, but a perfect […]

Virtual stage speaking mistakes to avoid.

Colin ‘Virtual stages are here to stay’ Boyd had these 5 points when reviewing the mistakes people make while speaking from a virtual platform. ​Mistake 1. Speaking to a camera, not an audience​​Whenever you are presenting on a webinar or virtual stage, you must become acutely aware that there are real people listening and experiencing […]

TIMEOUT! Is our safe word

A consensual non-consent story I took the kids to the pool.  They had just finished swimming lessons a few weeks before, yet they were still fearful of actually jumping into the water. So, I was trying to teach them not to be afraid of jumping in, of course, by doing exactly that and throwing them […]

Intro to BDSM & Kink: a podcast with Her Sexual Space featuring Susan Rosney

Today we have another sex educator on the podcast! Susan Rosney is a member of  Sexual Health Alliance and an affiliate with The Kinder Foundation.  Susan likes to help others talk about healthy sexuality and here to talk to us about her specialty- BDSM & Kink. She is laying the foundation and serving a ton […]

Surrender and Acceptance of Power: A Podcast with Dr Francois

Oftentimes the thing that’s standing in our way is actually ourselves. When we fight and struggle with acceptance, ESPECIALLY when it’s with receiving what it is that we want, and have been desiring and asking for, we torture ourselves by not allowing whatever it is to be appreciated by us. Rather than refusing to acknowledge […]

The Importance of Touch: a podcast with Dr. Francois

Touch is an extremely important aspect of life that when denied to infants can result in failure to thrive and even death. As a culture that ignores the need for touch except in violence or during sex, we are at a disadvantage. Healthy lives include appropriate healthy touch, including doctors doing a physical exam during […]

The Death of Relationships: a podcast with Dr. Francois

Relationships are just how we relate to and with other people and situations. Sometimes they last for extended times and sometimes they are moments in time. When they end, in a way they don’t because we are forever altered and can never go back to who we were before we met them, even if we […]