A Letter to Parents

Professionals in the field believe that as soon as kids can talk, it’s time for them to hear “The Talk”, but how many of us are informed and comfortable with these topics ourselves?  The KINDer Foundation encourages intellectual and sexual curiosities and is committed to providing everyone with an environment that is appropriate for the […]

Support for the Sexually Active

Part of sex is talking to partners about STIs and protection. Another part of sex can be talking with partners about what feels good. If you are not used to talking about sex, you may be shy about starting the conversation. We have some tips that can help you know what to say. Resources for Parents […]

What’s Your Type?

Do you know your Type? February is finally here! If you’re like me, this whole world situation is having you look at what really matters. I’m clear that I want a fulfilling life and fulfillment includes experiencing and enjoying my own love life.  Fulfillment is sharing deep and satisfying intimacy with my partner and being thrilled […]

Play Safety Links for the experienced and Tips for Beginners

Written by Maso-sick_puppy I’m some one whose a bit OCD about keeping things organized and in order, I’ve been on fetlife for a while (at least two or three years but I’ve only recently been really active) While i’ve been here I’ve seen very helpful writings on safety during play, but since my account isn’t […]