A Just Cause

Here at the KINDer Foundation, we envision a world where sexual health and enjoyment is spoken about as an important part of every individual’s overall health.  We are encouraged by every smart and courageous person in our global community who learns the beauty of intimacy, who searches to find support and acceptance in a sex-positive community, and […]

Volunteers and Committee Members Wanted

The KINDer Foundation NEEDS YOU . . . The KINDer Foundation is a volunteer-driven organization and are always looking for people  with new energy to bring fresh ideas to our committees.  The Service & Outreach Committees are very important to us.  We promote sexual education and liberation for all adults and support many important causes and […]

Affiliate Program Explained

Do you have your own website but are interested in being listed in our store? Have you been considering working with affiliates, and you’re curious about how affiliate marketing works? What is an Affiliate? An affiliate is someone who tells their friends, their email lists, their Twitter followers and Facebook friends about someone else’s videos, […]

Invitational Intro

Welcome to the cutting edge – to the next wave of Sex Positive Sex-Ed!  The lack of comprehensive sex education in our world is staggering and often results in confusion around sex and sexuality, ultimately contributing to undue risk in a person’s sex life. For some, simply talking about sex can be difficult, and in […]

List Your Next Eventbrite Event on our Master Calendar! Here’s how to do it.

Create an affiliate link for your event when you list with Eventbrite and we will add it to the Master Calendar.   We are more than happy to promote the next sex empowering event you host with Eventbrite!  Go to the Affiliate Program section of your event. Create an affiliate program and set a referral fee […]

Adult Content Policy for New Store Products

Adult-Oriented Products and Content There are several products on The Learning Market platform that are adult in nature. These products may fall under multiple categories. Guidelines Public Facing Pitch Page (Before Any Age Verification or Age Restriction) Women’s Breasts –A woman’s breasts may only be shown in photographs of a clinical nature.  The areola must […]

Code of Ethical Standards

 We uphold the Code of Ethical Standards and Values of several organizations, including: The basic tenets for ethical standards at The World Association of Sexual Health  Declaration of Sexual Rights, The Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance, The beliefs, credos and practices of other well-regarded organizations, such as SIECUS, Planned Parenthood, World Health Organization and other human/sexual rights groups advocating for sexual rights, sexual wellness and […]

A Letter to Parents

Professionals in the field believe that as soon as kids can talk, it’s time for them to hear “The Talk”, but how many of us are informed and comfortable with these topics ourselves?  The KINDer Foundation encourages intellectual and sexual curiosities and is committed to providing everyone with an environment that is appropriate for the […]