The Parents’ Guide to Puberty

Hi there! SexEd Rescue just sent this to me and I really wanted to share with everyone!~ Enjoy Today I wanted to talk about how The Parents’ Guide to Puberty is different from all the other puberty books that are out there. The main difference is that it’s a book for parents (not kids). 99.99% […]

Book Review – Sex God by Rob Bell

I’m just going to spill all the tea from the get-go and let you know this is one of the best books I’ve read about sex and sexuality in quite some time. Bell begins with the absolutely true point that many, many aspects of our lives relate to our sexuality. He goes on to integrate […]

STD Testing for Teens and Young Adults

STD Prevention and Testing: How to Talk to Your Teen Updated June 4, 2021 Reviewed by Adel Karsou, clinical lab scientist Talking to your teen about sex can be extremely challenging and downright awkward. But it’s critical to talk to your teen about sex and the risks involved, particularly when it comes to sexually transmitted […]

Exercise Induced Orgasm: It’s A Thing

There are many different types of orgasms, as some of us may know. One very interesting type is Exercise Induced Orgasm, or EIO. It was first documented by Alfred Kinsey and his colleagues in 1953, in the book Sexual Behavior of The Human Female. It has also been discussed at length in the studies and […]

The Mystical Practice of Tantric Sex

In this post we’ll explore the ancient, mysterious practice of Tantric Sex — what it is, why it is practiced, and a bit of its history, to illuminate a subject often seen as esoteric and exclusive. The practice of Tantric Sex is but one aspect of the mystical system of Tantra, which, simply put, encompasses […]

Sub drop: What It Is and How To Manage It

You’ve recently finished an exciting scene with your Dom (or “Dominant” in BDSM culture) and you’re feeling fantastic. But gradually your mood begins to shift. You aren’t feeling the same, or even as usual, but out of sorts, low energy, disconnected, doubtful, or even angry or depressed. This is likely sub drop, and it’s a […]

Genetic Sexual Attraction: Raising Awareness

Genetic Sexual Attraction, or GSA is a rare but increasing, complex phenomenon in which one or two mutual, adult blood related relatives experience a strong visceral sexual attraction to their sibling, mother, father, cousin, or second cousin after meeting for the first time. The term was coined in the 1980s to describe this type of […]

Introduction to the Daddy Dom/little girl Dynamic

Article original source: Free The Kink Facebook group. One of the most misunderstood, taboo, and complex relationship dynamics in the BDSM lifestyle is that of the Daddy Dom & little girl, or baby girl. This post is to introduce & discuss it with the aim of opening up a dialogue, as each DD/lg relationship is […]

Need to compose an assertive yet compassionate goodbye? Meet Justine!

Justine Ang Fonte is “The Friendly Ghostwriter” behind the new Instagram account @_good.byes_ . She describes herself as “a sex educator with 8 years of heterosexual dating in New York City as a cis-Asian woman with boundaries, compassion, and a thesaurus.” She received her Master’s in Education in Teaching from the University of Hawai’i and […]