STD Testing for Teens and Young Adults

STD Prevention and Testing: How to Talk to Your Teen Updated June 4, 2021 Reviewed by Adel Karsou, clinical lab scientist Talking to your teen about sex can be extremely challenging and downright awkward. But it’s critical to talk to your teen about sex and the risks involved, particularly when it comes to sexually transmitted […]


Jealousy and Envy pack a 1-2 punch – and it’s totally expected! While big emotions can be uncomfortable at times, feelings of jealousy and envy can really take us by surprise.     It happens when we think something in particular belongs to just us and we don’t want to share.  I always think of Spiderman’s […]

TIMEOUT! Is our safe word

A consensual non-consent story I took the kids to the pool.  They had just finished swimming lessons a few weeks before, yet they were still fearful of actually jumping into the water. So, I was trying to teach them not to be afraid of jumping in, of course, by doing exactly that and throwing them […]

Exercise Induced Orgasm: It’s A Thing

There are many different types of orgasms, as some of us may know. One very interesting type is Exercise Induced Orgasm, or EIO. It was first documented by Alfred Kinsey and his colleagues in 1953, in the book Sexual Behavior of The Human Female. It has also been discussed at length in the studies and […]

The Mystical Practice of Tantric Sex

In this post we’ll explore the ancient, mysterious practice of Tantric Sex — what it is, why it is practiced, and a bit of its history, to illuminate a subject often seen as esoteric and exclusive. The practice of Tantric Sex is but one aspect of the mystical system of Tantra, which, simply put, encompasses […]

Meet Colin Lindsay

A wonderful discussion with author and creator Colin Lindsay where we talk about the creative process and how it fits into his wonderful works depicting strong young women protagonists. Follow the link to find all of Colin’s books on Amazon! The Goddess’s Scythe (3 book series) Raven’s Wings: Chosen by the Goddess (The Goddess’s Scythe Book […]

Sex FAQ’s and Stats at Kinsey Institute

Age & sexual activity Average age of first intercourse, by gender, in the United States (Read more »): Males: 16.8 yrs Females: 17.2 yrs Teen sexual activity, contraceptive use, teen pregnancy, abortion, and STIs: American Teens’ Sexual and Reproductive Health (2014) 28% of Americans over age 45 report they had sexual intercourse once a week or more in the last six months, and 40% report […]

Sub drop: What It Is and How To Manage It

You’ve recently finished an exciting scene with your Dom (or “Dominant” in BDSM culture) and you’re feeling fantastic. But gradually your mood begins to shift. You aren’t feeling the same, or even as usual, but out of sorts, low energy, disconnected, doubtful, or even angry or depressed. This is likely sub drop, and it’s a […]


The Origin of DESIRE The famous quote: “Desire is the starting point of all Achievement”. . originated from the book written by Napoleon Hill named “Think & Grow Rich”.  Since its publication in 1937, most ‘self-help book’ authors have incorporated concepts from this early masterpiece.  But what if you are lacking in DESIRE???  How do you then […]

Genetic Sexual Attraction: Raising Awareness

Genetic Sexual Attraction, or GSA is a rare but increasing, complex phenomenon in which one or two mutual, adult blood related relatives experience a strong visceral sexual attraction to their sibling, mother, father, cousin, or second cousin after meeting for the first time. The term was coined in the 1980s to describe this type of […]