Surrender and Acceptance of Power: A Podcast with Dr Francois

Oftentimes the thing that’s standing in our way is actually ourselves. When we fight and struggle with acceptance, ESPECIALLY when it’s with receiving what it is that we want, and have been desiring and asking for, we torture ourselves by not allowing whatever it is to be appreciated by us. Rather than refusing to acknowledge […]

The Importance of Touch: a podcast with Dr. Francois

Touch is an extremely important aspect of life that when denied to infants can result in failure to thrive and even death. As a culture that ignores the need for touch except in violence or during sex, we are at a disadvantage. Healthy lives include appropriate healthy touch, including doctors doing a physical exam during […]

Cannabis and Sex – a podcast with Dr. Francois

Cannabis is an amazing plant that is intimately connected to us and provides for pretty awesome sex. I explain how and why with a little more information that connects it all together. Also, check out my new article on starting on page 14, “How Cannabinoids Make Sex Better”

Luc and His Truffles: A Look Into Psychedelic Insights

As we are hopefully coming out of this pandemic, there has become an intense need for addressing mental healthcare and the use of psychedelics/sacred plant medicines.Luc discusses intimately the use of truffles and how, in his organization, they are utilized beneficially. He explains how one would tripsit, what that looks like and offers support and […]

Risks and Taking Chances, a Podcast with Dr. Francois

In this episode I talk with Chi, a man I recently met during the online Oneness festival. I wanted to interview Chi and have him share his story because I witnessed an amazing transformation within him that I wanted to spotlight and encourage him to grow and feel into… being his authentic self… to really […]

Sunny Megatron’s AMERICAN SEX podcast

American Sex podcast takes a deep but humorous look at unconventional sexual expression in the United States. Featuring an eclectic mix of guests ranging from a former Surgeon General to a man happily married to a sex doll, each episode is enlightening, entertaining, and hilarious. Hosts Sunny Megatron & Ken Melvoin-Berg are acclaimed, internationally recognized Sexuality […]

Wheelchair sex and being Scared of Se‪x‬: a podcast with Dawn Serra

Let’s talk about sex with someone in a wheelchair! First, for folks who are super new to sex and disability, has this awesome video to get you started. I also highly recommend this soon-to-be-published book by Limerence Press, an imprint of Oni Press, called “A Quick and Easy Guide to Sex and Disability” by […]