The Origin of DESIRE

The famous quote: “Desire is the starting point of all Achievement”. . originated from the book written by Napoleon Hill named “Think & Grow Rich”.  Since its publication in 1937, most ‘self-help book’ authors have incorporated concepts from this early masterpiece.  But what if you are lacking in DESIRE???  How do you then acquire it??  
What should you do if you don’t know what you want to do?
SO…..What should you do if you don’t know what to do???
#1:  CONSIDER the REASONS WHY...take a few minutes to consider why you are uncertain:
        The following are a few of the common reasons for procrastination:
         Avoidance of Discomfort (boredom…frustration…uncomfortable feelings)
         Self-Doubt (creates struggle to get started)
         Being Over-Extended (feel overwhelmed)
         Lack of Committment (pressure from feeling obligated)
         Mental health issues  (depression and/or anxiety)
         Etcetera (consider the underlying feelings affecting your drive)
#2:   PRETEND YOU FEEL MOTIVATED…. Try tricking yourself into feeling motivated by acting
         Act “as if'” you feel motivated and your actions may change your emotions…
#3:   ARGUE THE REVERSE…When you’re fighting with yourself about reasons you shouldn’t
        take action…pretend you’re a lawyer fighting the opposite position. arguing the opposite
        can help you see both ends of the spectrum.
#4:   GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK… Pretend that you are your best friend giving you great advice.
        Rather than beating yourself up mentally for your mistakes…instead say to yourself the kind things you 
        would say to a friend.  Also…coach yourself in a helpful manner using self-talk that encourages you and 
        helps you to recover from setbacks.
#5:   BOOST YOUR MOOD WITH FUN: Our emotions play a major role in motivation. If you’re sad, bored, 
        lonely, or anxious your desire for accomplishment will lower.  So. . . add a little FUN to whatever 
         you do and you’ll feel happier! Listen to music…call a friend…ride a bike…etc.
#6:  PRACTICE HEALTH & WELLNESS: You’ll struggle with motivation  when you’re not taking care of
        yourself. So…Exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, make time for fun, stay chill,
        and avoid unhealthy habits like binge eating, smoking, and high alcohol consumption.
SOMETHING HILARIOUS… A stressful situation for Napoleon Hill
      “Think and Grow Rich” took numerous years to write…it became a life-time project inspired by
          Andrew Carnegie (led the expansion of the American steel industry in the late 19th Century and
          became one of the richest Americans in history) who agreed to give NH introductions to the Top 500
          Businessmen in America in order to interview them to find out their secrets of success. Even though
          NH spent years writing his masterpiece, he never gave any thoughts to creating a title for it. So…..on
          the day before it was to be published, the publisher was so discouraged by its lack of a title at that late
          date that he gave Napoleon Hill an ultimatum: Either come up with a title by the next day or he would
          call the masterpiece: “Use your Noodle to get Kaboodle”  and publish it with this title. NH was so
          horrified and even went to bed that night unable to create the right title.  Upon awakening the next
          morning. . .his subconscious mind had presented him with a priceless gift: the perfect title: 
          “Think & Grow Rich”
I DO NOT have a PhD in Psychology! I’ve met 100’s of different people of all classes, races, and education levels and different mind-sets. Life Experience is my PhD! The following is my common sense opinions from that life experience.
Everyone struggles with motivation and lack of desire at one time or another. The way to respond to yourself is as a friend…be kind to yourself…experiment with strategies that increase your motivation and be sure to ask for help when you need it.
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