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March 20 @ 8:00 am 5:00 pm UTC+0

Kamala Devi

Love Leadership Mentorship & Mastermind 2021-2022

“Although my heart has been touched by many, it is like a diamond that can only be shaped by other diamonds.” ~ KD

If you are in the business of pleasure, love, sex, relationship & spirituality, this year-long program offers immense guidance, support and synergy to take your work to the next level. There is no substitute for small group coaching with radical visionaries who are equally committed to bringing more love into the world. This is not just personal growth but transpersonal transformation!  The curriculum is tailored to your specific gifts and the intimate circle will encourage every step towards your greatest contribution.Schedule a Discovery Session

This Mastermind is for you, if you are…

  • Experienced as an erotic professional
  • Doing hands-on work
  • A Sex coach or educator
  • A therapist or surrogate
  • Teaching tantra, a Daka or Dakini
  • A consort, courtesan or escort
  • A dominatrix or fetish provider
  • Any other form of sacred sexual healing!


You must have six months minimum experience in studying tantra and sexuality for your own personal growth in addition to having paid clients as an erotic entrepenuer. This course is NOT for you if you’ve never charged for work in this specific field. You must be coachable and willing to take risks, this is not for you if your work is undercover and you want to stay that way. You must be ready to put yourself out there. It’s also not for someone who is afraid of messy emotions, shadow work or moving in the mystery.

How it works:

  • Schedule a 20-40 minute “Discovery call” to discuss your career goals
  • If we’re a fit, make your deposit to hold your space (limited to 18)
  • FOUR private sessions (Value: $1K) customized to your specific path
  • Become a member of our private mastermind group on Facebook
  • 2 LIVE 90-minutes sessions per month (1 Mentorship & 1 Mastermind)
  • Sessions will be recorded and available for your ongoing review
  • Expert guidance to upgrade your business practices and try new rituals
  • Held accountable by a LIVE mastermind to reinforce your success
  • You contribute to a community of awesome Love leaders growing together!
  • PLUS: Bonus content such as ebooks and online events designed for you to make a real transformation in your career!

You’ll experience:

  • Clear vision for business growth, based on your core values
  • Increased commitment from more ideal clients
  • Community & support from other pleasure professionals
  • A shared understanding, language, and practical toolbox
  • Overall balance in life: Money, Work, Health, Relationship…
  • Learn to harness prayer, humor, improv, & sacred sexual energy
  • Rituals to uproot the source of old patterns and stop suffering

The 12 Month Curriculum:

Each month offers two sessions, the first offers mentorship and the second focuses on the mastermind. Since the group is spirit guided, the topics are subject to change. Each session is between 90min-2 hours offered on Fridays from 1-3 PST.

  • March:  Initiation: re-scripting your business blueprint
  • April:  Daily rituals for health, spirituality and success
  • May: Attracting the right kind of clients
  • June: Money as a Lover that offers security and freedom
  • July: Enrolling with phone & zoom packages
  • Aug: Dancing with your Demons and rescripting Sex Shame
  • Sept: Elevating your private sessions with heart
  • Oct: Going deep with small group gatherings
  • Nov: Writing sales copy/ blogs & speaking your story
  • Dec: New Paradigm Family, Community, and Tribe
  • Jan: Moving into the unknown and loving life as it is
  • Feb: Commencement & Visioning: Living the dream! 

We will meet twice a month, on the first and third Fridays from 1-3pm PST. Each session is between 90min-2 hours and will be recorded if you cannot attend. There will be some adjustments on the calendar for months when KD is traveling or when there is a guest speaker.

Mark Your Calendar:

We will meet twice a month, on the first and third Fridays from 1 – 3 pm PST. Each session is between 90 min – 2 hours and will be recorded if you cannot attend. There will be some adjustments on the calendar for months when KD is traveling or when there is a guest speaker. Classes scheduled for March 26, April 2, April 16, May 7, May 21, June 4, June 18, July 2, July 16, August 6, August 20, September 3, September 17, October 1, October 15, November 5, November 19, December 3, December 17, January 7, January 21, February 4, February 18, and March 4.

How much:

Course Tuition: Your investment includes tuition for 12 months of live mentorship and monthly mastermind sessions, online support, and full access to a membership page with a full video library of past calls, as well as 4 private coaching sessions for $5,997 US.

3-Pay Option: You can arrange to make a bi-monthly payment of $1,999 through PayPal. If you break the payment up, the full sum must be paid in the first 6 months in order to continue.

Or you can enroll now and pay in full in order to get a 20% discount.

Fast Action and Full Payment Option:  A discount is available if you make a commitment to register now and pay in full. If you pay with cash or check, the entire package is only $4,997 US.

Important: In order to hold your space we are requesting a fully-refundable deposit of $497.

We only have 15 spots left. Our first session begins on March 26th, so please e-mail [email protected] immediately if you want to schedule a discovery call.

Please Note: The only additional costs are for a suggested reading list of books, and other resources which are optional.

This high-level mastermind and mentorship program has been in development for the last 5 years, we encourage you to take the leap and become part of the pilot program in 2021! I look forward to our private interview and welcoming you into our inner circle.

Enrollment process:

We have limited availability and enrollment is first-come, first-serve. Once we are full at 18 members, the enrollment will close for the season and will reopen when space is available. New enrollment will be offered by application on the following Solstice and Equinox.Schedule a Discovery Session

Endorsements from love leaders:

“KamalaDevi is a wise, grounded source of inspiration. Their insights carry a complete view of the whole human, which makes them a relationship Genius. KamalaDevi has dedicated their life to the evolution of the soul, love, and conscious sexuality unparalleled by anyone else in their field. Witty yet truthful, intellectual yet present, they embody the best aspects of both the feminine and masculine, making them capable of seeing the subtle patterns playing out in your relationship.  ”

~Triambika Ma Vive

“Kamala is a genius, great teacher and wonderful lover. I recommend her to anyone who wants to explore the philosophies of more love and polyamory.  She is wise, experienced and intuitive.  She teaches with compassion, humor and lots of hands-on wisdom.” 

~Charles Muir, Director, Source School of Tantra, Inc.

“Kamala Devi is a shining star among the new generation of polyamory teachers and role models. I highly recommend her courageous and straightforward approach to loving more.”

~Deborah Taj Anapol, Author of Polyamory in the 21st Century (2010), The Seven Natural Laws of Love (2005), and Love Without Limits (1992); Relationship Coach, Speaker, Seminar Leader.

Still on the fence?

If you are curious about this course, but not sure of it’s value, or perhaps you are new to KamalaDevi’s teachings, you may want to sample their style and experience their transmissions by attending a mini-mastermind…

Erotic Entrepeneur Mini-Mastermind Series

Are you at a crossroads with your pleasure based business? During these critical times, touch, breath and embodiment sessions are considered dangerous, yet, our clients need us now more than ever. Instead of shutting down, and hiding, we need to gather with other erotic energy professionals to share our wisdom, experience and ideas on how to strengthen our practices. This series is designed to help you network and brainstorm new offerings and magical new ways to tap into a stream of quality clients. We will use this time to inspire and support each other. Our collective insights are rare and valuable and it’s essential for us to network with trusted peers who are willing to cooperate to evolve the field.

Next session is Friday, June 11th (no cost). RSVP Here

“I have done events in my community with so many teachers. I am a regular with KamalaDevi because not only does she offer deep knowledge and wisdom in her Tantra Teachings she is a role model with pristine integrity. She introduced me to Charles Muir, grandfather of Modern Tantra, a pioneer with elegance and wit. Being a new provider I can’t imagine putting the tender heartbeat of my practice into better hands. I plan on being way upgraded by this team at this workshop.”

 ~Cathleene Cienfuegos

“Everything is deep ecology with Kamala Devi.  She doesn’t direct from the side or pontificate from a stage. Kamala Devi will get naked with you; physically, emotionally and spiritually.  There is no holding back.  She doesn’t just teach what she knows, she teaches what she lives.

Working with Kamala Devi will change your life.  Not because you will learn to be like her but because you will learn to be more you.  Every teaching, practice exercise I have ever seen her employ has had a single purpose; to access a greater experience of authenticity. You will know yourself in a profoundly different way and fall deeper in love with the self you have found.”

~Adam Paulman,  Tantric counselor specializing in Non-Violent Communication, ZEGG forum & Tantsu

“I celebrate Kamala Devi’s courage and applaud her advocacy for the Polyamory movement. We are proud to have had her as the keynote speaker for the Poly Living Conference in 2013.”

~Robyn Trask, Executive Director and Editor of Loving More Non-Profit

“Thank you, Kamala Devi, for co-creating the perfect retreat with me/us over the past five days. I am consistently inspired by your devotion, honesty and precision. I love working and playing with you and your Love Pod!”

~Scott Catamas, Co-founder of Love Coach Academy

“Even though I’ve been giving Tantric healing sessions for a few years, I knew there was something I was missing. Charles Muir and KamalaDevi are the perfect duo to take my practice to the next level. They have the hands-on work and business mastery that’s needed to really make this a fulfilling and abundant path both spiritually and financially.”

~Lalita Alaya Diaz

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