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Become a Body Poet – Certification

January 13 @ 8:00 am May 5 @ 5:00 pm


Body Poem is a revolutionary tool illuminating unknown and unspoken parts of the self. This training is especially useful for Therapists, Counsellors, Coaches, Bodyworkers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Specialist Nurses, Social Workers, GPs and professionals who are paid to listen to people.

If you support people listening to themselves, this training is for you.

This Body Poet Certification Program will equip you with the skills to integrate Body Poem into your practice, bringing more creativity and playfulness to your sessions and supporting you to trust your spontaneity and intuition as a practitioner.

Body Poem is a simple structure that facilitates a shared understanding of the roots of what a person is communicating, in sometimes as little as 5 minutes of consulting time.

Body Poem is a powerful modality to seamlessly integrate with your professional practice, facilitating effortless access to censored symbol starved exiled aspects of the self. This simple structure creates transformational integrations and epiphanies in a way that is truly person-centered.

Katie Sarra developed Body Poem as a structure from over thirty years of working with people therapeutically. “I am deeply grateful to the courageous people who have trusted in entering the unknown with me discovering together this creative way of bypassing unhelpful defences to feeling.” Here is an interview between Julian Marcus and Katie Sarra which offers you an in-depth overview of “what is Body Poem?” and how it works.

A Body Poem unfolds as a guided meditation to notice sensations that are alive in the body. Whatever is steaming up into awareness, from nothingness to something, forms the basis of a spontaneous poem emerging from a person’s unique metaphors and associations. This simple ritual often brings insight, revelation, and epiphany in moments of deep connection, care, and tenderness.

Body Poem can be integrated with your current modalities to support listening to hidden aspects of the self that are sometimes expressed in physical or emotional pain. Pain can interrupt a person’s availability for treatment or therapeutic interventions as stress inhibits sensory receptivity and hormonal regulation.  Body poem has the potential to transform the pain of human suffering into poetry and beauty.

Body Poem is a skilled synthesis of Body Focusing, Clean Language, and Dream Form. During the training, these micro-skills are practised to facilitate your confidence in trusting your artistic spontaneity as a practitioner.

Body Poem supports the metamorphosis of a prawn becoming a Turtle!

I’ve experienced many times in my life being transparent prawn, either hidden and safe but lonely out at sea or an exposed prawn frightened and with shame on the beach.

As we move between the sea and the beach together in the Body Poem structure inviting “What kind of sensation are you noticing? and what’s that like to notice? and if this could speak and had a voice what might it be saying?” we are learning the emotional fluency of a turtle.

Turtles are equally at home swimming with feelings in the sea and reflecting with identity updates on the beach. We can transform implicit memory from inside of us into the physical symbolical laying down of eggs in explicit memory to hatch out new ways of being from safe foundations connected with the earth of the planet.

Each live community call includes guided meditations, explanatory discourses, guided group and paired practice with everyone learning with each other collectively. Replay recordings of our live sessions will be available together with downloads and access to a library of illustrated lessons to expand upon the material explored.

In each module, you will receive beautifully presented audiovisual slide shows of the teachings illuminating the origins of Body Poem and the depths of each aspect of its alchemy. The training is hosted on an interactive forum where you post your reflections and receive feedback. The teacher team are here to answer your questions and support your learning. During the Certification process, we will reflect in discursive meditations, diving deeper into our shared understanding.

Home practices are with each other and/or with willing volunteers and are easily conducted remotely by video or phone.

The Modules & calls are like waves rolling in and out of the shore,
each one enriching knowledge and understandings of this profound life-changing practice.

Modules 1- 9

Module 1 – In our first meeting together we will be exploring the concepts and experience of Body Focusing. We will also be setting up our container with each other and learning about safe practice when holding space for another entering into altered states of consciousness in relation to consent. You will have the opportunity to participate in a live community body focusing experience with live demonstration and practice. There will be home study with practicing these micro skills of listening and scribing the transformations from sensation into language.

Module 2 – In this module, we will practice Dream form. This is the origin of Body Poem, where you will be exploring your waking and sleeping dreams. Dream Form is synched with body focusing and for more in-depth therapeutic practice combined with clean language, which we will be adding to the mix in later weeks. Dream Form, originally from Playback Theatre, is a ritual where the actors on the stage inhabit different elements of a Teller’s dream. 

Module 3 – In this module we will practice the art of clean language. What might be the key to our inner world’s fortress gates? How can we understand the wisdom that is embedded in such an elusive code? An elusive code such as the word “nothingness”. In asking very simple questions we can feel into the richness of our metaphorical life within. “To be native to a place we must learn to speak its language”Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer “Learning the Grammar of Animacy”

Module 4 – In this module, we will practice the art of listening. One of the fundamental aspects of why Body Poem feels so transformative is that this structure facilitates us to listen to ourselves without interruptions to our receptivity and awareness of the emergence of living. It’s a practice that supports us listening, without making better, or changing or doing anything with another person’s expression. And it can be a profound experience, to listen to and have undivided attention and space to express whatever is there to express.

Module 5 – In this module, we will be illuminating affective relational neuroscience understandings of what supports our empathic attunement with ourselves and each other that contribute to equilibrium and integration. We will be exploring understanding the executive functions of the mind crucial for navigating relationships and managing impulses. We will discover how we as humans are designed in our naturalness for co-creating win-win harmony in the service of co-creation.

Module 6 – In this module, we will be discovering our habitual well-used defenses to feeling. Body Poem would not be needed if we as humans were not at the effect of defenses to feeling and expressing our emotions. This is an exploration naming some of the common, sometimes, unconscious defenses humans have achieved to stay hidden. I share here, from psychoanalytic and interpersonal neurobiology perspectives, some of the strategies, unconscious and conscious, that we employ as humans to help us not feel the fear of feeling.

Module 7 – In this module we will be learning about our evolutionary primary emotional instincts differentiating wants from strategies. Our uniquely human upper cortical brain structures have given us the gifts of creativity and projection. At the same time, they have crippled us with mirror neurons that have bent in on themselves with internal judgments, hindering, interrupting, repressing, and sometimes muffling our self-expression and ability to trust our spontaneity in service of adaption and belonging to society.

Module 8 – In this module, we will practice the art of the Feng Shui Dream poem. A useful application of Dream Poem is harvesting projections from our environments which can be understood as reflections of our sometimes censored inner worlds. There may be times when a person is at a place where they are wanting to make decisions about their life and wanting to make changes in home and relationships. Looking at the rooms of their homes, or the room they are sat in, using Dream Poem, can illuminate these inner conversations. William Morris said “home is a metaphor of the self” when we dream of houses at night they are symbolic of the “mansion of our soul”

Module 9 – In this module, we will harvest what we have been learning together and explore the next leaps of faith by integrating Body and Dream poem into your current practice. Body Poet certificates will be presented to those who have completed the home assignments at this stage. Due to the intensity of some of these experiences, extensions are possible for six months from the completion of the training. There is a supervision group for graduates and Body Poets still completing the modules to support your integration and application of Body Poem with your personal and professional practice.

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How to navigate this certification training

As this is a certified course, in order to be certified you must engage with all of the practices which will deepen and integrate your skills as a Body Poet. Your reflections help with our shared understanding of where your learning edges are and allow us all to learn from each others’ experiences.

The only way to learn here is to jump in! & have a go practicing the various elements, such as body focusing, clean language and dream form. Our working metaphor for emotional fluency is a turtle entering the water to feel, and coming back onto the beach to reflect. Throughout the training, we enter into the waters in simple stages so you hopefully won’t be out of your depth. You will be best served by coming with a “beginner’s mind”, setting aside the possible distractions of perfectionism and comparison.

Let the exploration listening into the hidden worlds of our physical, emotional, sensual & dream bodies begin!

We look forward to our explorations together and welcoming you!

Please see www.bodypoem.org for more information and to enter the Mighty Networks Body Poem training forum where, after your enrollment, the course content will be unlocked for you to dive into!

Warmest Wishes

Katie Sarra & Julian Marcus Co-directors of Body Poem training

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