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Immersive Workshop: Sexual Consent & Personal Boundaries by SmartSluts

February 6, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm UTC+0

Immersive workshop on consent and boundaries.

Learn to get in touch with your personal boundaries, find your YES and your NO, and give you tools for voicing and negotiating these in sexual situations.

Most of us have not been taught Consent as a practice. “Go hug aunt Clara” is NOT consent culture. The movies and TV shows from the kiss in Sleeping Beauty to Han Solo pinning Leia against the wall, have not been good models.

No wonder we screw this up.

Let’s learn to identify our boundaries. Let’s learn how to speak them out loud, and have them respected.

This two-hour immersive workshop will give you tools you can apply IMMEDIATELY, in your next date, in your next hookup, your next relationship.

Gain control of your sex life!

Reserve your space now.


Cassie Brighter is a public speaker and sex educator. Cassie has spent years as an organizer in sex-positive communities, has taught a class on human sexuality at George Fox University, has trained sexologists on gender variance and queer culture, and has taught classes on sexual consent & personal boundaries to non-profits and women’s organizations.

Find out more about Smart Sluts here: facebook.com/smartsluts

Find out more about Cassie Brighter here: cassiebrighter.com

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