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The Squirmer & The Drooler: Rope play

April 29 @ 9:00 pm 11:00 pm CDT

Presented by Blue & Moxie of VoxBody

About this Event

Join Blue and Moxie online as they share two floor ties for sexytimes – The Squirmer and The Drooler. (We are hoping the names already have you a bit intrigued!)

There are a few basic elements we look for in ties during sexytime/playtime:

  • minimalistic (so there is time to focus on all the other stuff we are doing, and also plenty of skin left available for touch, wax, impact, access, etc)
  • an ability to have the body in several different positions
  • sustainable yet also awkwardly restraining (cuz we think awkwardly restrained is HOT)

Both these floor-ties involve an upper and lower body tie. We will demonstrate the full tie first, so that attendees can decide if they’d like to explore the pattern and body-positioning themselves. Then we will walk-through the pattern for those who wish to tie along.

This is a ‘201’ level rope class. Attendees who are tying should be proficient with column ties and inline column ties/hojo cuffs, familiar with frictions and lock-offs, and comfortable following a rope bondage pattern. Attendees getting tied should be comfortable communicating boundaries, having their wrists tied, and general body awareness.

For those experienced with suspension/uplines and lock-offs, we will also show an optional partial suspension position for each tie.

Bring a partner or attend solo and take detailed notes for your next rope date! (since both ties involve both hands bound, self-tying is not possible).

Depending on the length of your ropes and the body you are tying, you will need 2-6 lengths of rope. We will be demonstrating with jute at 8m length, but bring what you have! Keep in mind that the frictions we use are best suited for organic material ropes and may need to be modified for synthetic ropes.

About the presenters:

Blue has been teaching and performing Rope Bondage since 2012. In June 2017, she opened VoxBody Studio, the Bay Area’s first rope-dedicated venue and launched a yearlong in-house core curriculum for students to move from beginner through to suspension. Her core belief about rope bondage is that the ties and knots are one part of a much bigger picture that includes focus on communication, consent practices, body awareness and anatomy, and energetics/how we show up for each other.

Moxie is a bondage enthusiast based in California, and has been rope bottoming for four years, and tying for two years. She’s passionate about restraint, aesthetics, body awareness, and rope that makes her feel distressed. She enjoys exploring ties that can be challenging or disturbing, as well as awkward positions that make her laugh. She practices aerial and flexibility outside of rope to stay connected with her body and gain understanding of how our bodies communicate to us.

Blue and Moxie are both enthusiastic switches, and believe rope education should address both sides of the rope. They have been co-teaching for the last two years, through VoxBody (in-person and now online) and the Bank (Los Angeles).

Find more about Blue and Moxie:

IG: @miss_true_blue @boundmoxie and @voxbody

FL: https://fetlife.com/users/1201681 & https://fetlife.com/users/2946897



– THIS IS AN ONLINE EVENT. This workshop will take place in the privacy of your own home, from your personal computer, tablet or smartphone.

– You must be 18+

– All sales are final.

– Please log in on time.

– A link to join the Zoom meeting will be sent via the email you registered with: 2 days, 2 hours and 10 minutes prior to start of the event. If you don’t see an email in your inbox, please check your spam and trash folders for any emails from Eventbrite.

– Please download Zoom immediately to your computer, smartphone or tablet once you receive the link. This will save you time and also ensure that you will be able to join the class on time.


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