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Uncovering Spiritual Bypassing

April 16, 2021 @ 6:00 pm 9:00 pm UTC+0

Spiritual Bypassing interferes with our ability to be authentic. Dr Francois offers simple tools making it easy to recognize & evade.

About this Event

You know when you’re really intensely feeling what you’re feeling and you just need to talk about it, but you can’t because you don’t want to be THAT person who’s bringing everyone down?

You don’t want to say anything because every time it comes up everyone just tells you to either let it go, or to talk about something happy and cheery instead?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get over it and accept that it’s over and that you can’t change it, and be the enlightened being everyone is telling you to be? Just like they’re modeling for you?

I mean, it sounds logical, right? It makes sense. In order to be a happy person, we need to exude happiness, right? That’s what spiritual teachings show us, right?

In order to let go of the past, we need to let go of every attachment to it, right?


What if I actually told you that you’re not the problem?

What if the reason you feel so stuck isn’t because you’re being negative, but because you’re not being allowed to experience the negative emotions you’re legitimately feeling?

Imagine for a minute… something happens, you’re triggered. You feel sad, scared, or angry.

Why do you think that is?

Really feel into it and ask yourself, what happened? Why did that emotion come up? What was it that happened?

Now imagine that rather than being told to lighten up, or not to spread negativity, or to stop being a Debbie Downer, you were able to express yourself, in how you feel, in the moment, of that raw, real emotion- no matter what it is… and be allowed to feel it? What would that be like?

What if I told you it’s entirely possible, and that what’s actually happening with you isn’t through fault of your own?

What if everyone trying to help you, and says they’re trying to help you is actually creating the problem for you through what’s known as spiritual bypassing?

Spiritual bypassing can happen from good intentions, and it might come out of people’s shadows and insecurities. It happens a lot more often than you might think, or than people talk about.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to be able to experience any emotion you may be going through without judgement, without guilt and without shame for feeling what you feel? Regardless of how anyone you may talk to about it responds to you?

Simply put- you can! Your emotions are yours and they are all valid! You can’t control others, but you can learn to better see what’s going on in those around you!

This 3 hour Masterclass I’ve designed can help you recognize What Spiritual Bypassing is, Understand Why it may be Happening, and Help you to be able to Ensure your Needs are Getting Met so it NEVER interferes with your sense of self ever again.

Book now for this upcoming class and ask for the upgrade so we can do a personal deep dive to uncover where you’re struggling and to get you back on track to being your you- unapologetically authentic.

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