Hey gorgeous people! It’s been a hot minute! Lots of exciting things happening & super excited & honored to be able to share & learn here with you all.

Today I’d like to talk a bit abouf Intimacy. Pause there for just a moment, and ask yourself, “what does that word even mean to me?” Just name whatever comes to mind, no need to overthink it. I’ll go first: in my last post, a review of Sex God, a wonderful book by Rob Bell, I mentioned that “we each carry the spark and image of divine creation no matter what that looks like for us,” and so to me, THAT is what intimacy IS. It is that thing that I believe connects us all as humans most profoundly. I believe examples of what this looks like are unique to each of us based on our individual love languages, for one, and so much more . As Kate Oliver recently pointed out, intimacy can only occur if one is willing to be vulnerable — which is a fact and the key to it all. She also pointed out without these things there can be no trust and without trust, there isn’t much. And so, therefore it starts with self. Self love, and self trust, I think. When you are vulnerable, you’re able to stand in your own power, in a place of love without fear, and so your wholeness depends ONLY upon your relationship with yourself/the universe/God/source energy or whatever you want to call it, — FIRST. So you trust yourself to be safe wherever, whenever; however, with whomever, doing whatever because you realize there really isn’t “other,” everything is connected. So it’s not about trusting others not to hurt you. It’s about trusting yourself to honor & accept yourself through all your feelings, in the present moment, so that you realize you’re not a victim or alone. Intimacy – REAL intimacy, trust, love, vulnerability — all begin with accepting and loving oneself and ALL of oneself: the deep, the dark, the ugly, the hidden, the secrets, the regrets, ALL of it. When you no longer want or need to be ashamed of anything and love yourself exactly as you are, I believe is the way the Universe or existence, or whatever you want to call it — loves itself = you = me = everything. When you truly accept and celebrate who you are — which is who we all are — you have intimacy. Think for a moment if you were to tell your inner child everything about you that is awesome, what would you say? Consider writing it in a letter & reading it out loud as a tool for mindfully loving/accepting/honoring yourself. What I’m learning myself about intimacy lately is that our world really seems to need more of it. So l invite you to consider checking out our discord room *(link)* if you enjoyed or are curious about this or any related topic. Thanks, as always for reading & please feel free to comment below or in the chat.
Much love! 💜 VS

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