Article original source: Free The Kink Facebook group.

One of the most misunderstood, taboo, and complex relationship dynamics in the BDSM lifestyle is that of the Daddy Dom & little girl, or baby girl. This post is to introduce & discuss it with the aim of opening up a dialogue, as each DD/lg relationship is unique.

The DD/lg relationship can be created with care over time, and also quite often can develop organically between a dominant and a submissive who has a “little” side, or a side of their personality that is truly childlike in thought, behavior, and need set. The age range a little relates themself to can go from very young to pre-teen or teen aged. The little aspect of the personality can come and go situationally, or be present all the time—if the sub actually age-regresses, or it just may be the sub enjoys age-play, it depends on the particular person. Many keep this aspect of their persona hidden, for fear of judgement and/or ridicule. Littles have many needs, including: trust, direction/discipline (ie:spankings, etc.), structure, tasks, routine, age-appropriate activities (ie:coloring, etc.)/playtime, clothing, foods, tv shows/movies, comforting, praise/rewards, and protection, and they require someone to tend to all these needs; which is where the Daddy Dom comes in.

One of the reasons this dynamic has been seen as taboo is the misinterpretation of the elements of age-play and how that coincides with the BDSM and sexual aspects of the relationship, as if the motivations are twisted or creepy; however these ideas couldn’t be further from the truth. A very significant part of these roles are psychological and based on the mutual fulfillment of needs, both psychological and physical, which can make this type of exchange healing, growth-promoting, and life-changing for both participants if successful.

Just as the baby girl has many needs and desires, so too does the Daddy Dom. When these needs are mutually fulfilled within this dynamic, a very deep, powerful, lasting bond can form and develop, and an almost unparalleled intimacy can occur, which is why this fascinating pairing can be so appealing. The key to successfully achieving this dynamic is mutual trust and devotion. The Daddy Dom must earn the baby girl’s trust to ensure she knows he has her well-being, best interests and safety foremost in his mind and heart, and that he will do anything to keep her trust. The baby girl must earn the trust of the Daddy Dom to ensure he knows he has her total surrender and devotion, and will follow his guidance and grow in the ways he desires her to, under his care. As this intricate coupling entails far more than what occurs in the bedroom, it is typically practiced as a 24/7 lifestyle, being another reason such a profound bond is formed. A considerable vetting period/process and/or contract is generally suggested for this type of dynamic because it is crucial that the needs, desires, limits, etc. of each participant are clearly established, and it is typically the type of relationship the participants desire to be a growing, evolving, lasting one.

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