The KINDer Foundation is a volunteer-driven independent charity coalition of sex-positive educators, therapists, clergy, councilors, coaches, authors, speakers, doctors, researchers and other professionals joining with partner facilitators. We provide education and advocacy outreach and directly benefit the greater community with a sex-positive, shame reducing, KIND delivery. We invite thought about desires, encourage making deliberate decisions about sexual experience, and support talking about what feels safe and satisfying between partners. We invite the global therapeutic community to join us in broadening sexuality education to include diverse families by teaching new words and definitions to use, expanding vocabulary and expanding concepts like sexual self-esteem, being a person with sexual integrity, and by maintaining that sexuality is a far larger concept focused on personal relationships, individual’s sexual values and beliefs, and social justice for diversity. TKFND encourages continued learning about topics like body image, gender, sexuality, sexual development, sexual health and reproduction, as well as sexual pleasure and consent. This is why we are so proud to host The SexEd Store, where professionals from around the globe gather to share their unique knowledge, Sex-positive practice or original content