As an AASECT member and Licensed Professional Educator (LPE, 2005), Kate employs an active coaching model in a client-centered, future-focused practice founded on levels of deep listening and intuitive guidance.  

Recognizing that every individual’s sexuality may be the most personal aspect of relating, Kate says clients often communicate after reduced feelings of shame and freeing the emotional space they need to make better-informed choices in their sexual lives.

Because she believes that everyone deserves access to an ethics based sex-education program that encourages finding your own voice in sexual pleasure, health, and wellness, clients can be confident they stand without judgement when expressing their own sexual values, goals, or limitations. 

"Human Sexuality is beautifully diverse. If we can clarify our sexual values and challenge faulty or limiting beliefs, making more informed choices about sexuality, better assessing risk, and clarifying boundaries in healthy relationships allows each of us to embrace further discovery and growth. Ultimately, we uncover our sexual value of shame and judgement by normalizing conversations about sex, sexual health, self-care and intimacy in relationships."