List Your Next Eventbrite Event on our Master Calendar! Here’s how to do it.

Create an affiliate link for your event when you list with Eventbrite and we will add it to the Master Calendar.  

We are more than happy to promote the next sex empowering event you host with Eventbrite!  Go to the Affiliate Program section of your event. Create an affiliate program and set a referral fee to 20% for each ticket sale we generate. Send your invitation in the Contact Us form and we’ll receive a unique event URL to promote your event! You can even use the invite option to invite other promoters to join your affiliate program, too!  Here’s how…

Create an affiliate program for your event

  1. Log into your account.

Event creators can log into their Eventbrite account here.

  1. Select your event.

NOTE: Eventbrite Music — if you’re not defaulted to the Events page (where events for the selected organization show), switch your organization in the top-right of the screen. Then click “Events”.

  1. Click “Affiliate Programs” (under Marketing).

A couple of things to note:

  • If you copied an event to create this event, affiliate programs from the previous event will show in this section. Make any adjustments needed.
  • Specific permissions (e.g., “Manage affiliate links”) are required to access this section. With the classic and new event creation experiences, manage permissions for subusers in the Multi-User Access section of Account Settings. For Eventbrite Music, you need to manage roles and permissions in the Team Management section of Organization Settings.
  • The Affiliate Programs tool is not available for an event with multiple dates and times. Instead, create tracking links to manage sales generated by promoters.
  1. Create the affiliate program. Then click “Save”.
  • Code Of Your Affiliate Program — Spaces, apostrophes and non-alphanumeric characters are not allowed. (e.g., earlybirdspecial, membersonly, dc121232 are acceptable while “My Affiliate Program” is not).
  • Referral Fee — A fixed amount or % of the ticket price that promoters earn as referral commission for sales generated through their unique event URL (link). To create an affiliate link without a referral fee, create tracking links.
  • Additional Notes — Enter any specific information you’d like to reference in the future.
  1. Invite promoters to sign up.
  • Invite Affiliates — Use the “Invite Affiliates” option in the Quick Actions drop-down menu to send an email invitation to up to 20 email addresses at a time.
  • Generate a public ‘sign up’ link — Click the Affiliate Name and copy the specific sign-up link to share online.

NOTE: Totals automatically adjust when you process refunds. Set expectations with promoters that payment of referral commissions will be settled after the event completes to allow time to reconcile payment due.

Monitor performance and issue payments to promoters

  1. Click “Affiliate Programs” (under Marketing).

Affiliate program performance is summarized as Visits, (the number of) Affiliates, and Sales.

TIP: Promoters can track the progress of their unique promoter link in the Affiliate Program section of their Eventbrite account.

  1. Select “View Users” (in the Quick Actions dropdown).
  • Affiliate Email — The email address the promoter used to sign up for your event affiliate program.
  • Visits — The number of unique views generated by the promoter link.
  • Tickets Sold — The number of tickets sold through the promoter link.
  • Sales — The total amount of sales generated by tickets sold through the promoter link.
  • Due — The referral commission total due to the promoter.
  • Paid — The total paid to the promoter to date.
  1. Send payment to promoters.

Payment for referral commissions earned is the responsibility of the event organizer, not Eventbrite. Payment must be made to the affiliate outside of Eventbrite, using a method agreed upon by you and the promoter.

  1. Select “Mark Balance as Paid” (in the Quick Actions dropdown).

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