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I’m some one whose a bit OCD about keeping things organized and in order, I’ve been on fetlife for a while (at least two or three years but I’ve only recently been really active) While i’ve been here I’ve seen very helpful writings on safety during play, but since my account isn’t one of those “fetlife supporter” accounts I cant go back over the entire history of every thing i’ve read and I often lose those helpful articles in my dozens and dozens of likes, so i’ve decided to put all future saftey writings I find in this note so I can come back to them when needed, if you know of any other good ones please feel free to put a link in the comments and I’ll add it on, Thank you in advance for any and all help :3

(EDIT: Since its creation this note has been helpful to alot of beginners in my local community so I have added writings that help first timers better understand concepts of kinds of play they may not be fimiliar with)

  1. Rigger’s nightmare- whatcha gonna do? Handling falls from suspension.
    (A detailed and informative writing on dealing with falls from suspension)
  2. What to do during a seizure
    (Yes I know this is my own writing, its still a safety procedure, thats why its here)
  3. Ten “Sane” rules for Slaves
    (credit to @-_Nyx_- for finding this one (wish I had found it a while back))
  4. The Intricate Net of Safety
    (credit to @-Rosie for writing this and sending me the link)
  5. Thoughts on Poly – Jealousy
    (A great writing on dealing with jealously, I feel this can be applied to any D/s relationship)
  6. Relationships
    (This writing is a good introduction to those who are uncertain how to approach a potential play partner, it gives points on what could be seen as a red flag through easy to understand scenarios)
  7. Succeeding in Your Local BDSM Community
    (OP:RhondaLiz, this is a good writing for people new to fetlife about general conduct both online and in your local community)
  8. Dear Probably Well Meaning but some what annoying and/or creepy guy
    (a hilariously wonderful writing about Private Messaging etiquette from males to females, good read and very informative)
  9. Its All Fun & Games til some one gets a blood clot
    (credit to my darling @-_Nyx_- whose decided to help me compile saftey writings, she found this one; it points out the need for caution in sub space and stresses the need to keep your first aid kit stocked, we sadists may be mean, but we also need to stay responsible)
  10. Sub Drop by David Williams
    (credit again to @-_Nyx_- for finding this one, an extremely informative writing on several kinds of sub drop)
  11. Being to Tolerant
    (This writing touches on saftey with ropes but more importantly stresses the need for a submissive to communicate when they have been hurt by their Top/Dom ect. which is key in any play)
  12. What I have learned in the year of being in the “lifestyle”
    (another find by @-_Nyx_-, ten helpful tips for beginners and newcomers)
  13. Guidelines for Dominants
    (Another find by @-_Nyx_- ; I found this writing to have good points on creating a healthy Master/slave relationship)
  14. Sub Drop Advice
    (Yet another find by @-_Nyx_- (shes finding them faster than my computer can get through my search history haha) this writing has helpful advice for subs on how to deal with “sub drop”)
  15. Tips to prevent injury in bondage
    (Found by @-_Nyx_- ; title is self explanitory)
  16. Dehydration
    ( Nyx: (im just going to start writing her name when she finds these, shes kicking my ass) dehydration during scene is an important thing to monitor, this writing gives advice on the subject)
  17. BDSM Bullshit, Part 1: Impact play over bruises
    (I finally found the writing that inspired me to make this list in the first place, it was four months back in my history, its a great read, seriously; it dispells a few myths about impact play and the attitude gives a good giggle)
  18. The Importance of Consent
    (A very detailed writing on the importance of consent, found by Nyx)
  19. Pushing Limits
    (a short and creative writing reminding new subs to watch out for preadators, found by Nyx)
  20. Breakups in the lifestyle
    (a reminder how to deal with breakups in a healthy manner)
  21. Redo Double Standard
    (Props to @Lo_ for writing this one, this is an important reminder to bottoms and subs not to objectify your Tops/Doms, they are people too, not spank machines)
  22. Hot. Awesome. Nice Ass.
    (Another hilarious writing dealing with communication on fet)
  23. What I wish I could tell every newbie
    (good advice for those new to kink)
  24. Why I Ban People
    (a writing posted by @PlaySmart which thuroughly explains how you may end up banned from public events, a must read for all new comers, even seasoned kinksters can learn from it)
  25. Ethics for playing with new submissives
    (A must read for any Dom/Domme)
  26. Yes Means Yes!
    (an intresting topic airing around the subject of consent)
  27. Social Anxiety and Selectional Bias
    (this writing can help create a healthy self image which can help create a healthy relationship, its “Safety” in the emotional sense rather than the direct sense)
  28. So You Want to Get Started with Self Bondage
    (A step-by-step instructional writing on what you need to know before begining self bondage)
  29. This is why we cover cameras at our play parties
    (An important writing about “outting” that new comers should definately read)
  30. Munch Technique
    (A writing on munch etiquette for new comers, part of being safe is also knowing how to conduct yourself)
  31. “But I shouldn’t…” Yes you should
    (Another of my own writings, written specifically for submissives new to the life style)
  32. You Might be a fetlife creeper if…
    (A writing that may help those who aren’t having their messages returned figure out why)
  33. Kinky Bill of Rights
    (10 basic rights you have as a submissive)
  34. 13 things I wish I knew before I became a sub
    (A note sharing a submissive’s insight on what she wished she had known before entering the lifestyle, I found a few important points in this note for new submissives)
  35. Dominant’s Manual
    (a must read for any submissive, new or not, gives insight from a Dom’s perspective on a D/s relationship)
  36. Ignoring in a D/s Relationship
    (a good reminder about communication, even in punishment there should be some sort of communication, ignoring as punishment can damage a relationship)
  37. Square Peg… Star Shaped Hole…
    (A good example of why you should never try to define some one’s role for them, not every person is going to fit your fantasy, and THAT IS OK!)
  38. How to recognize a preadator by Daddy4life
    (name says it all)
  39. Bondage Safety for bottoms
    (a detailed writing on bondage saftey for bottoms)
  40. Dominant vs. Domineering
    (Do you come across as a Dom or some one who is Domineering? there is a difference)
  41. Lube:The Mistaken Identity
    (A funny little reminder that you should always make sure to read what you are buying)
  42. Important Aspects of Submission
    (A writing that reflects how your actions can reflect on those you associate with, this is some thing that should be acknowledged for one’s saftey in terms of well being of self)
  43. The 10 kink commandments
    (very basic rules to live by in the kink world)
  44. Duty as a submissive, Bottom, Slave, Masochist.
    (Short, sweet, and to the point)
  45. Musings on the Nature of Consent. For Newbees
    (An easy to understand writing on consent)
  46. The BDSM cult/How to be a preadator
    (wonder why people think you might be a preadator? read this, you might get an idea)
  47. 20 Unsolicited Tips for New Dominants
    (good points for new Dom/mes)
  48. Things to consider when considering polyamory
    (title couldnt have said it better, if you’re considering trying out poly give this a read)
  49. Preadatory Submissives
    (a writing that may help submissives realize if/when they may be acting predatory)
  50. You might be abused if…
    (title makes it clear as day)
  51. 7 Lessons for New Riggers: What I learned from my first 2 years as a Rope Top
    (Tips for Topping with rope)
  52. Public Service Announcement: Don’t Touch My Collar
    (A note that can give those new to kink a good insight on what a collar means to a sub)
  53. Safe First Meetings
    (A writing on ways to insure a safe first meeting)
  54. Miranda of Kink
    (Basic kink rights)
  55. Why I’m an asshole about consent
  56. 8 Solid negotiation questions a rope bottom can ask
  57. Attention Doms Dommes and Tops… a rant
    (stressing the importance of aftercare, it is a responsiblity not an option)
  58. How to run an online background check
    (Know who you’re playing with.)

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