Alexandra Skoeld

Alexandra is a certified sex and intimacy coach trained in clinical sexology and co-active coaching. She is passionate about empowering couples and individuals to experience their ultimate sexual pleasure and wellbeing. Alexandra uses a holistic, powerful and transformational approach to guide her clients with her knowledge to help them explore their true sexual self.

When we can fully express our desires and who we are as sexual beings,
we are able to live a more fulfilled life as human beings.

Alexandra believes sexual pleasure is a birthright and that every person deserves to be met, understood and satisfied in the bedroom. By fostering an open and healthy conversation about sexuality, Alexandra’s clients emerge as sexually confident, liberated people who are and free from shame, guilt and other negative emotions.

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Alexandra Skoeld is a holistic sex and intimacy coach who works with individuals and couples from all over the world both via Skype and face to face in Sydney. She is on a mission to empower men and women to feel great about themselves, embrace their sexuality, uncover their true sexual potential and transform their lives. Alexandra was born and raised in Sweden and she brings a warm, positive, compassionate and non-judgmental approach to her coaching. Sex should be fun and playful yet sex and sexuality is such a difficult, taboo topic for so many people to talk about. She is all about creating a safe space, deep connection and trust with her clients to help them remove shame, guilt and any blockages that are in the way for them to experience ultimate sexual confidence, deep connection and maximum pleasure.

Alexandra believes that the body hears everything the mind says so her coaching is designed to encompass the “whole person”, using a model that includes mind, emotions, body/body image, energy and spirit.

She was trained in clinical sexology and co-active coaching by the pioneer of Sex Coaching Dr Patti Britton. Alexandra has done a Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Training, International School of Temple Arts and are a Landmark graduate. She is a tantra practitioner and she has also completed a Sexual Attitude Reassessment and Restructuring (SAR) training led by Dr. Agata Loewe in Warsaw Poland. In addition to Sexology, Alexandra has undertaken over a decade of training and research across fields of study including life coaching, holistic wellness, mental health, communication and human behaviour. She has learned powerful methods to create lasting changes in the lives of her clients and help them fully embody their truth so they can be who they were meant to be. Alexandra brings an abundance of understanding and knowledge into her coaching to help her clients find unconditional self love, acceptance, self-realisations and freedom to enjoy a healthy sex life. She is fully insured and meet the standards and are a professional member of World Association of Sex Coaches (WASC)


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