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During this 7 week magical experience I will guide you to:


Connect to yourself, who you are and what you want in life. You are here to live your life and so many of us get caught into everyone else’s definition of success, happiness, and love. What is dimming your light? What is stopping you from living your life to its full potential? What fears or limiting beliefs are holding you back? Come and receive support, accountability and get empowered to push through your limiting beliefs and connect to the essence of who you are so you can reach your goals and dreams. What would you do if you loved yourself a little bit more? What would you stop tolerating? Come and find out.


Awaken your sensuality and connect to your body. I will help you to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. It’s time to come home to your own body and love and accept yourself exactly as you are today. There is nothing wrong with you and there is nothing to “fix”. We will release and let go of limiting beliefs and blockages that you are storing unconsciously in your body that is stopping you from experience the sex and intimacy you deserve and desire. You can’t be present during sex if you are worrying about what you look like. Learn to love your body and change your life.
Connect to your sexuality, learn and understand more about your own body, arousal, desires, orgasms and pleasure. You will get practices and tools to help you get out of your head and into your body so you can relax, let go and surrender in the bedroom. Receiving pleasure is an art and I will empower you to feel worthy of pleasure so you know that your orgasm matters. We will talk about orgasm challenges and how to overcome the blockages. (Can be mental, emotional, physical, energetic or spiritual)
Discover your voice so you can ask for what you want and deserve in life and in the bedroom. When you can fully express yourself outside the bedroom you will be able to communicate and express your needs inside the bedroom, and the other way around. Allowing our emotions are super important and we will discover how your emotions can be your biggest teachers and how to express them in a safe and conscious way. No more suppressing or invalidating your feelings. The key to fulfilling orgasms and mind blowing sex is to speak your truth and stand up for yourself.

Trust your body and connect to the wisdom of your heart, soul, intuition and sex centre. You will learn how to honour your boundaries and slow down and listen to your body. When you are able to say NO to everything that doesn’t serve you anymore you can leave space and say “Fuck Yes” to everything you deserve. Your boundaries are a beautiful part of who you are. You can’t be a radiant, powerful woman who wants to live a life on purpose if you spend your whole day in your head. I will guide you to drop into your body and connect to your heart and intuition. Your body is so wise and once you start to trust your body a whole new world with opportunities and magic moments will open up for you. It is first when you learn to feel safe that you are able to fully surrender and receive pleasure. 


Connect your heart to your yoni/pussy. We will explore how you can awaken your pussy from being numb or disconnected so you can feel more sensations and experience fulfilling orgasms. So many women are numb inside our vagina due to trauma and unprocessed emotions that we store inside vagina. We will talk about how you can bring sensitivity back and experience deeper intimacy and more pleasure when your pussy is awaken. Pussy Power, Pussy Wisdom, Fuck yes!


Soften and drop into your feminine essence. We live in a very masculine driven society and most of us are constantly hustling, doing, achieving and are up in our head chasing goals and dreams. When we get stuck in our “doing/achieving” energy it’s very hard to go from there to be a juicy lover and surrender to pleasure in a blink of an eye. Learn to regulate yourself and soften in life. Learn to relax, surrender, let go and give your partner space to take over and lead. You deserve to be treated like a Queen and you can allow it to happen by getting out of your head, drop into your feminine essence and soften. (Orgasm happens when we feel safe, relax, surrender and allow it to happen. No chasing, slow down to feel more)


Honour your sexual fantasies and desires. I will educate and empower you to feel confident expressing your sexual desires so you can take your sex life to a whole new level. We will practice and learn how to communicate about everything taboo and also how to give our lovers direction in the bedroom. Everyone is doing everything in the bedroom and there is no shame in what you are into. You will leave this course feeling excited and ready to fully express your sexual self and access all the pleasure that is already available for you. Trust me, your best sexual experiences are yet to come.

I’m in and ready to say yes to pleasure.

Some other topics you will learn more about

  • The 11 different female orgasms.
  • Female anatomy
  • What turns you on and off in the bedroom.
  • Find out what your boundaries are around sex & intimacy and how to honour them.
  • Self-pleasure tips.
  • Pros and cons about vibrators and how to bring your sensitivity back.
  • If your sexual desire is spontaneous or responsive.
  • Orgasm challenges and problem solving.
  • How to get rid of performance anxiety in the bedroom.
  • Everything consent.
  • Everything taboo.
  • How to give direction in the bedroom.
  • Foreplay tips
  • How to experience more pleasure with sound, breath and movement.
  • Masculine and feminine energies and the importance of polarity.
  • Sex toys and how to spice up your sex life to keep it interesting.
  • How to increase your libido.
  • Dirty talk tips.
  • Sex and intimacy tips in lockdown.

And so much more…..
This is not just 7 weeks of lectures. This is a beautiful self love experience where you are going to step into your true power as a woman and connect to your sensuality as whole using the MEBES model. 


Mind – Emotions – Body – Energy – Spirit

Your brain is your biggest sex organ so sex starts there and if you are like most women you need to feel emotionally safe to open your heart and receive pleasure in life. It’s not just about your body. Come and discover why not doing “the right strokes” on your own or with your partner have worked in the past. It’s time to unlock the codes to experience amazing sex, fulfilling orgasms and deep intimacy. 

Because you darling, YOU are worthy of pleasure!
Sign me up! I’m worthy of pleasure!

Hi I am Alexandra and I’m a sensual empowerment coach
and pleasure expert.


Certified holistic sex and intimacy coach and training/background in mindfulness, life coaching and wellness. I specialise in helping women like you on your self love journey so you can experience radical self-expression, body confidence inside and outside the bedroom, feel worthy of pleasure, enjoy sex, accept yourself wholeheartedly and create a life on purpose filled with pleasure and joy.

I’m a founder of Soulintimacy and a member of World Association of Sex Coaches.


The reason I am so passionate about this work is because I know what it feels like to feel lost, struggle with low self worth, not being able to speak up for yourself, feeling empty after sex, feeling like your pleasure doesn’t matter and not being able to orgasm. I was struggling for years before I could orgasm alone and it took over a decade before I could orgasm with a partner. I thought I enjoyed sex but I couldn’t really feel any pleasure.

I was sad, I was frustrated and I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I was dissociated from my body, stuck in my head all the time, felt disconnected to my sexuality and my pussy was numb. I was struggling with poor body image and didn’t know how to honour my boundaries. Truthfully I didn’t even know how to know my boundaries and felt like I had to “perform” in the bedroom.
Do you resonate with any of the above? 
Trust me, you are far from alone and luckily you don’t have to suffer any longer.


Today after tens of thousands of dollars and years & years of education, courses, certifications, retreats, working with mentors, teachers and healers from all over the world I am experiencing pleasure beyond what I thought was ever possible. I turned my challenges into purpose and have now as a holistic sex and intimacy coach and pleasure expert been able to help other women around the world to become sensually empowered and liberated.

Pleasure is the portal to your power and magnetism!

Why a group program?

In my job I was seeing the same patterns and struggles coming up frequently with my 1:1 clients and in my women’s workshops. This inspired me to create this amazing 7 week experience as a group program so more women can access my wisdom and change their life. There is also something truly beautiful about being in a community with other women who are on the same path and ready to create the life of their dreams. To change we need to feel safe and my group container is the perfect place for you to start your journey.
I promise you, when you feel worthy of pleasure, love your body, are turned on by life and prioritize yourself it will impact every area of your life and every relationship to the better.

In this course I will give you real sex and life education, share my wisdom, knowledge and mistakes. It is going to be real, raw, fun, juicy, exciting, deep, emotional, filled with laughter and incredibly beautiful. It will be the topics, practices, modalities and activities that took me from rock bottom to be confident in my own skin and own my pleasure.


You are going to leave this program feeling so good about yourself, being more embodied, alive and filled with pleasure.

What’s included:


  • 6 Weekly pre-recorded course modules that you can rewatch at any time. 60-90 minutes and lifelong access.


  • 6 Weekly live Q and A group sessions with me via zoom. It will be embodied practices, meditations and fun activities and a chance to ask your questions and share. Powerful transformations and group coaching.


  • Weekly home practices to do between each session. (Practices/rituals to help you with: Body image, mindfulness, embodiment, confidence, speaking up and setting boundaries, self-pleasure, listen to your body, sexual healing, slowing down, manifesting and more)


  • A workbook with weekly journaling prompts for deeper understanding of yourself so you can create powerful inner shifts.


  • Membership to my private facebook group and a community with other amazing women who are on the same journey as you. A safe space to ask questions and where we are going to celebrate each other’s wins and success.


  • 25% off all Soulintimacy Luxury Pleasure Products


  • Bonus workshops that you get access to straight away. (Seducing men and cock worship, Sensual money mindset, Breathework)


Total value $12000.00AUD


Investment is only $497.00AUD (Enrolment close 26/8)


Ultimate Goddess Package:

  • Everything above
  • 3 x 1:1 coaching sessions 50 minutes.
  • Extra personalised support during the 7 weeks and access to my personal Voxer inbox. (Voice memo app)
  • Luxury, elegant pleasure wand of your choice from Soulintimacy. Designed with high quality borosilicate glass to help you connect to yourself, your pussy, intensify your orgasms and release stagnant energy.

Full investment $888.00AUD

For this package please send me an email to [email protected] or reach out via social media so I can offer you some other bonuses straight away and book your first session.

(The program is 7 weeks this time. 6 weeks with content and one weeks integration after week 4 because there are just so much life changing content. Optional live breathwork session via zoom in intergration week with a guest speaker)

Next round starts August 30 – Limited spots available. 

Grab One Of The Early Bird Spots Here

Close your eyes and imagine what it would feel like:


Love yourself, all parts of you.

Being turned on by life and feel more alive than ever.

Enjoying pleasure, sex, intimacy and self pleasure without any shame.

Chasing your goals and dreams and not letting your or other peoples limiting beliefs stop you any more.

Feeling safe being exactly who you are.

Having a community to celebrate your achievements with.

Feeling confident and comfortable in your own body so you can show up as your best self in every area of your life, dating and during sex.

Waking up every morning love being a woman and everything that truly means. All of it!!

Living a juicy embodied life and not being stuck in your head all the time. Feeling more!

Having strong self-worth and not tolerating bad behaviours from dates, partners or people who drain your energy.

Receiving pleasure all day every day.

Being able to say NO without feeling guilt.

Not suppressing your emotions and feelings anymore.

Not feeling frustrated after sex!

Experiencing orgasm both alone and with your partner.

Understanding your body, arousal and desire and know what turns you on so you can easily ask for it.

Feeling that you matter, your pleasure matter, your orgasms matters.

Not questioning anymore “What is wrong with me” because you KNOW that there is nothing wrong with you.

Honouring your boundaries and your body and never ever do or let anyone do anything that you don’t want.

Feeling that you truly love yourself so you can stand up for yourself and share your voice.

That you are able to communicate about sex, intimacy and other vulnerable conversations with ease.

Being in a relationship where you can be your honest self and be in your full expression without fear being judged.


All this is available for you and a great start is to come and join my program. Seven weeks of your life is nothing when you think about how the transformation from this journey can change the way you show up for yourself for the rest of your life. You have seen the testimonials from the women in the previous round. It’s your turn now. 


I’m ready to prioritise myself. Sign me up please!



Who is this course for? 

Any woman who is done with playing small and ready to awaken her sensuality, connect to her sexuality and love herself wholeheartedly. You need to be 18+ because you are going to learn so much about sex, intimacy, pleasure and orgasms.


When does the course start?

August 30 2021


When are the live Q and A sessions? 

Monday nights 7:00PM Sydney time (AET)

Weekly course modules get released every Wednesday and can be watched at any time.

Live sessions are: 30/8 (Opening session), 6/9, 13/9, 20/9, 4/10, 18/10 (Closening session)
What if I can’t make the live sessions? 

Don’t stress, you will receive a link so you can watch the session later in your own time.


How much time is required from me each week?

This program is designed to create a change in you and your life. Everything is an invitation and the more you put in, the more you get out of this experience. You can just watch the videos and the content will give you education to change your life. If you really want to transform your life the invitation is to dedicate a minimum of 10 minutes daily, around 30-60minutes / week for your practices plus the video sessions/zoom calls. (Remember that you have lifetime access to all the course material so you can always go back and re-watch the sessions and do the practices when it feels right for you. I’m all about listening to your body and honouring your boundaries)


How long do I get access to the video recordings? 

Lifetime access.


I want to do the course but I am not sure if I am ready to invest in myself?

I feel you! I have been scared so many times before I have invested in myself. Trust me once you decide to commit to your personal growth magic happens straight away. When you decide that you are worthy to invest in yourself, you are already taking a massive step towards feeling worthy of pleasure and everything else in your life that you truly deserve.

Think about all the time, energy and money you have invested into other people. Now is the time to put yourself first and prioritise yourself. You will feel a big energy shift straight away after you have paid the investment and I am going to celebrate you, with you. You also get access to a Sensual Money Mindset bonus workshop today that will empower you and make you feel even better about your decision.


Can I do this course even if I’m not in Australia?

Yes this course is created for women from all over the world. Half of the women I work with live overseas.


I have signed up and paid, what’s happening now?

Yay Goddess, I am celebrating you for saying YES to yourself. You will receive an email with login details to my online academy straight away and you can login and watch the welcome video plus a few bonus workshops. (Please check spam/junk) You will also receive an email shortly after with more information from me. Please send me a DM on Instagram or social media so I can celebrate you straight away. I’m so excited to share this journey with you, it is going to be amazing.


I’m still not sure if this course is for me?

Please send me an email to [email protected] and I will contact you and we can have a chat to see if this program is right for you. It is just as important to me that this program is right for you as it is for you.



Are you ready to awaken your sensuality and say:



It has never been a better time to prioritise yourself and work on yourself to create a fulfilling life. We have all had a pretty rough last 12-18 months and the last thing we need is to feel bad about ourselves, shitty sex, bad relationships or keep faking orgasms. This is your year and now is the time to put yourself first, so come along on this journey and access more of your orgasmic bliss.  

Yes I’m A Full Body Fuck Yes

What others say who have worked with me: 

“After attending Alexandra’s workshop I had the best sex of my life already a week after. I have learned to love and accept my body and it doesn’t get in the way anymore for me to experience all the pleasure I now know I deserve!”


“I have never felt better about myself and my body thanks to the work I did with Alexandra. Now I know that I am normal and can easily ask for what I want in life and even during sex. This has led to me finally being able to orgasm with a partner and we are having the best sex ever. I feel more connected to him and I know it comes from me being more connected to my own body and sexuality. Thanks Alex.”
“Hey! Just wanted to let you know how much of an impact you’ve had on my life since I’ve met you. Honestly I’m so much more open and confident now. I used to HATE self-pleasure. Now I do it often. Even look in the mirror sometimes. Crazy how much I have grown sexually in the short time I’ve known you. And when you commented on my photo yesterday saying I was glowing I was going to write back it’s all because of you. Honestly THANK YOU.”
“I have and continue to learn so much through you. It’s changing my life, by changing how I see myself and my worthiness.” 
“For someone who is confident with myself and my body, you have helped me dig deeper into my sexual side. I’ve learnt so much and am excited to delve deeper into the unknown. Thank you so much for opening me up to a whole new world.”


After 6 weeks of daily touch I have broken through my trauma and had my first full body orgasm. Thank you


“I have always been a strong, independent, successful woman. I kept attracting either very weak men or bad boys. Alex taught me about feminine and masculine energy and how it was my own responsibility to be more in my feminine energy if I wanted to attract a healthy masculine man. After following her guidelines and doing all the practices I have now attracted the man of my dreams. I always thought men appreciated strong women but the polarity between us has created the most amazing sexual tension and spark. It’s still a bit uncomfortable at times but I love being treated like a princess at times.”


“Again, I want to compliment you on your workshop. You offer a depth in the connection between pleasure and being present that I haven’t seen other tantric coaches connect as well as you did. It was a revelation. You have helped me grow.” 


“Thanks to Alexandra I am no longer addicted to my vibrator anymore. I have fulfilling orgasms that actually makes me feel good and not just yuck and empty like before with the vibrator. It has also helped me orgasm easier with men which means I can relax during sex and not worry that I am taking too long.”


“Alexandra helped me with my body image and we released old stories I have carried with me about my body. I had no idea how many lies I told myself on a daily basis. We did a powerful practice where we let go of what’s no longer serving me and I can now wear my two favourite dresses and have sex with the light on. My partner is delighted. I can’t recommend working with Alex enough.” 


“Ps I loooovveeedd you last workshop. And thank you because I had the best sex I’ve ever had the other day.”

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