Battling the Eight-Armed Octopus of Jealousy, the Workshop!


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Battling the 8-Armed Octopus of Jealousy!

4-Call Podclass + Workbook on Overcoming Jealousy by Understanding
and Taming Your Emotional Monsters
with Reid Mihalko

Four 90-minute Teleclasses Recordings,
Weekly Jealousy Homework Assignments, PLUS
Your very own downloadable Jealousy Workbook AND Cheat Sheet!

When it comes to jealousy, many of us are left feeling like superstitious sailors who whisper of an almighty leviathan that will inevitably come for us. And when the Green-Eyed Monster rises from our emotional depths, we usually find ourselves powerless to stop it’s many arms from tearing our relationship-world apart.  Join sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko for his latest informative and humorous teleclass designed to help you tackle the ugly, eight-tentacled octopus of jealousy!

Begin to Beat Jealousy from the Comfort of Your Own Home or Office!

In this 4-call podclass program with downloadable workbook AND cheat sheet, designed as a follow-up to Reid’s Day of Jealousy event, Reid will guide you through ideas, discussions and homework assignments designed to bring you into deep connection with your emotions and give you the tools to not only mitigate your jealousy, but tame it!

In this unique teleclass, you will learn…

  • Where your jealousy comes from and why we’re using an octopus as a metaphor
  • How to distinguish Envy, Possessiveness, Anger, Depression, and Jealousy’s four other arms
  • Valuable tools for dealing with each arm, especially when it’s your partner who is being attacked!
  • Tools for mitigating your “jealousy triggers”
  • What the corresponding qualities are for each arm of jealousy and how to use them to bring down the beast
  • To dramatically decrease your feelings of dread and anxiety around jealousy, and lessen Jealousy’s grip on those you care about
  • Ways to communicate to your loved ones how they can make your world a less jealous one
  • Boundary and negotiation skills for improving your relationships no matter what emotions you’re experiencing!

If you’d given up on dealing with jealousy or resigned yourself to a life of powerlessness, please join us for what is sure to be an insightful and extremely useful journey into the uncharted seas of being empowered around Jealousy!

Stop fearing your emotions! Learn how to Navigate your feelings with more ease! Begin the Journey to Conquering your Jealousy Today!

No need to travel to a distant city for a workshop!
Just Download and Listen and Learn!



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