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Welcome to the Core Certified Sex Coach™ program!

This page will tell you everything you need to know about our comprehensive certification program in sex coaching, clinical sexology, and business success.

With over 360 hours of training, graduating from this program will earn you the title of Certified Sex Coach™ . Note that our complete program includes the Business of Sex Coaching (BOSC) course.

If you wish to take BOSC separately, click here.

The Core Certified Sex Coach™ program is a full certification program that will enable you to attract and work with clients and take them through the sex coaching process.

For your reference, here’s a summary of what you’ll learn on this page:

  • How the program works
  • Using the MEBES (c) model
  • The triadic training model of clinical sexology, co-active coaching, and our unique Integrated Sex Coaching courses
  • Introducing the Core curriculum
  • Our live trainings: SAR and ASPEX
  • The credentials you will earn and the professional organizations you’ll be eligible to join
  • Introducing the Business of Sex Coaching (BOSC)
  • Your investment for the program
  • Fast action bonuses
  • How to get started!

How the Core Certified Sex Coach™  program works

21 courses in clinical sexology, co-active coaching, and Integrated Sex Coaching

13 courses in business & marketing success

Integrated case studies in every Module

Weekly live group coaching & mentorship

2 live community webinars a month

1 live training

3 Private Facebook groups


The MEBES© Model

The entire sex coach training is based on MEBES© Model developed by the Mother of Sex Coaching, Dr. Patti Britton. early in her sex coaching practice.

Dr. Patti didn’t think the old models took the client far enough, which is why she wanted a holistic model that addresses the five areas in which a person or sexual relationship can become blocked, and then liberated.

Learn about our definition of energy here

MEBES Model, sex coaching, sex coach training

Mind, Emotions, Body, Energy, Spirit.

Sexuality is an integral part of being human and interacts with every other facet of our being. You’ll learn to work with your clients as whole people and help them integrate their sexuality into their entire lives, so they can begin to live more authentically, healed and whole.

The MEBES© Model gives you a proven, repeatable model to guide your work with clients.

This will be your framework and you’ll be encouraged to bring your own style to your sex coaching practice.

You really can make it your own and become the change you want to see in the world.

Our Triadic Training Model:

Clinical Sexology, Co-Active Coaching, and Integrated Sex Coaching

Sex Coach U's Triadic Training Model

The Certified Sex Coach™ Core Curriculum in delivered in four Modules, each of which consists of elements of our comprehensive approach to earning your Certified Sex Coach™ credential. The program features a triadic modality, and covers coursework in the three categories of SexologyCoaching, and our unique Integrated Sex Coaching courses, which synthesize and extend what you learn in the Sexology and Coaching courses for an even richer experience.

Our complementary program, the Business of Sex Coaching, will teach you what you need to know to create and launch a successful sex coaching practice immediately after graduation.

When you become a Certified Sex Coach™ at graduation, you will be a qualified, competent sex coach, and you’ll feel confident in your ability to launch a profitable business while living your passion.

Here’s how it works

You study at home, at your own pace with an assigned student advisor assessing your progress and a fellow student study buddy. This is your Support & Accountability Team, helping you stay focused as you progress through the program.

Throughout your journey, you also have access to our vibrant student and graduate online community.

Together, we all support and encourage each other along the way.

SAR training, Sex Coach U

You’ll complete 21 in-depth and up-to-date courses in 4 Modules, in which you’ll learn the fundamentals of clinical sexology and co-active coaching, and our unique Integrated Sex Coaching courses, which synthesize and extend what you learn in the Sexology and Coaching courses for an even richer experience. You’ll also complete a program of study on sex coaching business success.

As part of your studies, you complete a study journal for each course (including your business studies courses). At the end of each Module, you’ll submit a workbook summarizing your take-aways from each course. This will be reviewed by your Student Adviser.

Unlike many other business training programs, you’ll have direct feedback from a live human being as you learn and build your business to help you achieve success.

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