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Sold By: Kelly Noel Zeva


Revive your sex life through authentic erotic play.

Learn the “BDSM for Beginners 5-Day Framework” so you honor your boundaries, have more fun during sex, and create greater authentic connection with your partners.

Tell me if this sounds like you…

  • You want to have more fun in the bedroom, but aren’t sure how to get there.
  • You have trouble identifying and expressing your core sexual desires.
  • You may have past sexual trauma, so even hearing about some kink-related stuff freaks you the eff out.
  • You want to explore kink/BDSM, but don’t know where to start.

In this program, you’ll learn how to achieve all of this and more.

Here’s what you get when you buy this course:

  • 11+ hours of video trainings (VALUE: $1497)
  • 5 guided sexual trauma healing processes (VALUE: $497)
  • “BDSM for Beginners Framework” and tools that makes it easy to explore kink/BDSM consciously (VALUE: $97)
  • Downloadable digital workbook (VALUE: $97)
  • Built-in quizzes and “fun work” prompts to deepen your learning (VALUE: $97)
  • Complimentary access to five (5) of our 2-hour LIVE F*cktastic Friday workshops where you learn, heal, and experience like-minded community (VALUE: $200)

Pay in full: $497  |   Monthly installments: $197 x 3

Here’s the curriculum…

Just so you know that what you’re getting is worth the value, we’ve outlined it here. Most of the lessons are 60-90 minutes long. We’re also adding and updating this course, so you’ll have access to the newest and most relevant content.

MODULE 1: BDSM for Beginners 5-Day Framework

  1. Kink Psychology: How BDSM Revives Your Sex Life
  2. Practicing Kink Safely So That Everyone Feels Excite!
  3. Spiritual Healing Through Kink/BDSM
  4. Crafting a Conscious, Passionate Scene
  5. Care + Integration After the Scene

MODULE 2: Bringing the Framework Into the Bedroom

  1. How to Bring Novelty Into the Bedroom
  2. BDSM Limit Checklist Walkthrough
  3. Turning Your Desires Into a Sexy Scene

MODULE 3: Trauma Healing for Sexual Empowerment

  1. Activate Your Etheric DNA Meditation
  2. Envisioning Your Ideal Sexual Experience
  3. Sacred Boundary Setting Process
  4. Rewriting Trauma Narratives Process
  5. Healing Religious Trauma Process
  6. Past Life Regression Process

MODULE 4: Topical BDSM Masterclasses

  1. How Bondage Can Set Your Free
  2. Maximizing Pleasure Through Pain Play
  3. Say ‘Yes’ to Life Through D/s
  4. Inner Child Healing Through Ageplay
  5. Crafting Authentic Fairytale Roleplay
  6. Kink for Solo & Long-Distance Play

Pay in full: $497  |   Monthly installments: $197 x 3

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I get access to the content? How does lifetime access sound? You’ll get access to any and all updates. Eventually this course will be going for $1897, not just $497, so it’s great to invest now and get in on the ground floor.

Who is this program for? This program is for anyone who wants to revive their sex life, especially if they’re at all interested in kink/BDSM.

How do I get access to the content? You will receive access to 1 module every 14 days. That gives you time to go at your own pace without being overwhelmed by the content that’s in the portal. If you enroll in the Mastermind, you receive access to all the content right away and have a member of our team guiding you through it. See below.

Do you offer any refunds for the course? We offer a 14-day money back guarantee. To be eligible for the refund, you must complete at least 90% of Module 1, including the “fun work.” Simply email our team at [email protected]and we will process that refund for you.

Can I get 1-on-1 support going through this program? Absolutely. The high-touch VIP version of this 4-month program is called the BDSM Breakthrough Mastermind. It’s by application only, and we only take a few clients at a time. The investment for the Mastermind is currently $4,950 or $1,350 per month, so it’s roughly 10x the investment of the standalone course. You can inquire further at [email protected].

Pay in full: $497  |   Monthly installments: $197 x 3


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