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Dr. James Bach, ND, DNH, is committed to serving the fitness & wellness needs of health-minded individuals. By using sports-specific training protocols, restorative and corrective exercise practices, kinetic awareness and nutrition guidance for health enthusiasts, he helps individuals reach and surpass their peak performance levels.

Dr. James Bach specializes in Natural Health Lifestyle Coaching and Counseling, Sport Specific Strength and Conditioning Programming, Reiki and Energy Clearings, Injury Prevention and Injury Recovery Protocols and Personalized Fitness Programs. Dr. James customizes the experience for each client to address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. The programs he designs are based off personalized evaluations completed by the patient. Dr. Bach’s priority is to provide the best and most satisfying experience for each individual.

Dr. James Bach is board certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board in Naturopathic Health. He is also a certified fitness trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and is attuned to the level of Reiki master. As a doctor of natural health and a naturopath, Dr. Bach’s role is to guide patients in learning to implement positive lifestyle choices with physical challenges in combination with proper nutrition, energy management, and mental acuity so that their abilities to perform in all situations improve and surpass previous performance levels.

Dr. James believes physical activity is one of the many tools that can help individuals obtain better health and a higher quality of life. He treats each individual as a whole, focusing on specific needs as well as treating the whole body to create and maintain lasting results and optimal health and wellness.

At H.E.R.O. Holistic Fitness & Wellness, the goal is to Help Everyone Reach Optimal Holistic Fitness & Wellness.


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