Energetic Sex: From Mystical to Practical


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Do you wish there was more than just the hump, grunt and grind of conventional sex? Ever feel like your lover (or yourself) was cursed with only one color to paint your sexual landscape with? Don’t get us wrong, we know sex -even mediocre sex- can be lots of fun, but do you ever wish you had a wider palette of techniques and experiences to draw from? Perhaps you’ve heard of Tantra and remember reading somewhere (last month’s Cosmo?) something about “expanded orgasms,” but think that kind of stuff is only for people like Sting, yoga instructors or porn stars. Maybe you’ve had ecstatic experiences in the bedroom that boarder on spiritual, but they’re so far and few between that you can hardly recall (and maybe it was just the booze…). What if we told you mind blowing sex on a regular basis was not only possible, but learnable? What if we told you that conventional sex is like arts and crafts’ class with a box of crayons that only holds eight colors? What if we told you there is a box of crayons with 64 colors AND a sharpener!… And it can be yours to color your world with (and that you don’t have to stay inside the lines)! Join world renowned sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko and his distinguished “sexpert” guests Nellie Wilson, Ed Ehrgott, Celeste Hirschman and Whittney Matlock for this delightfully informative (and FREE) 90-minute discussion on the ins and outs of energetic sex!


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