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Hormones exist in harmony with each other as a delicate balancing act.  Our everyday decisions influence and are influenced by our hormones.  Lifestyle (what you put out) and Nutrition (what you take in).  Symptoms resulting from hormonal shifts in our bodies can be felt strongly – leading us to feel physically or mentally out of balance.

Founded in 1998, ZRT Laboratory has one of the largest databases of hormone test results in the industry.  This lab has conducted more than ten million tests and has established ranges for all hormone supplementation types.

Comprehensive baseline testing gives you and your health care provider an in-depth picture of your hormone levels. Testing reveals your individual level of hormone production and pinpoints imbalances, and also shows where you stand in comparison to healthy averages for your age group and gender.


CLICK: Menstrual Cycle Mapping

CLICK: Fertility & Hormones

CLICK: Menopause Testing  – Female bodies When hormone levels begin dropping in menopause, a deficiency of one hormone can actually appear as a relative excess of another, resulting in symptoms of hormone imbalance.

CLICK: Andropause Testing – Male bodies The natural decline of testosterone in men contributes to weight gain, muscle weakness, lean muscle loss, depression, bone loss, sexual dysfunction, and other symptoms associated with andropause – also called male menopause.

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