Sacred Life Coach



James’s approach to developing a healthy relationship with ourselves and our partners in life is rooted deeply in experiential learning.  His heart centered practice helps develop the skills we all need to use to help us connect with ourselves, lovers, friends and life.  By using the tools he has learned through many lineages James sets the stage for you to build your own life into a personal heaven on earth.

Sold By: James Zatopa


Hi, I’m James Zatopa, ISTA trained Shamanic practitioner and Burningman Enthusiast

Within a session we will explore your energetic body, current understanding of your boundaries, and explore what you are currently experiencing.  From there I will use my intuitive abilities, along with the multitude of healing lineages I have been trained in, to help work with you to develop the skills you need to bring your life to the next level.  This works can include relationships, intimacy, pleasure, wounds, shadows and developing your spiritual skills.



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