Katie Love, LPC


I am Katie Love

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Illinois with a certification in alcohol and drug counseling (CADC). I like to be in the know, and I also love helping people. I appreciate that everyone has a unique story to share.

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In my office, clients have my full attention, in a non-judgmental environment. I try to be as authentic as possible, because I want to hear the real you, not what you think I want to hear. I want people to know that we all go through stuff that makes us who we are even though we might not like it, and that leaves us with two choices we can make. We can either deal with it in a productive way, or keep functioning the way we have been, which might not always feel the best. Move at your own pace.
“You will get my full attention, in a non-judgmental space.
We will move at your own pace.”


I earned my M.A. in Counseling Psychology, with a concentration in Trauma at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Subsequently, I completed the necessary supervised hours, and training, needed to obtain the Certified Alcohol and other Drug Abuse Counselor ( CADC) through the Illinois Certification Board.
I have over five years of experience providing counseling services to individuals and families struggling with anxiety, depression, mood disorders, and mild to severe addictions. My experience includes working with individuals of different cultural backgrounds, gender identities and expressions, ages, and sexual orientations.
While working Community Counseling Centers of Chicago (C4) as a Screening Assessment Support Services (SASS) Clinician as well as a drug treatment counselor at Youth Outreach Services (YOS), I provided counseling services in schools, community mental health agencies, hospitals, and the legal system. As a SASS Clinician, I completed crisis assessments, facilitate hospitalization as needed, and delivered solution-focused therapy to children and adolescents to help restore healthy functioning in not only the clients but their families too throughout the Chicagoland area. In addition to my crisis work experience, I also provided counseling services to those in the juvenile justice system.

I want people to be themselves and to open up. Therapy is hard enough as is! There might be tears and there might be laughs, and all are welcome. I want you to feel comfortable for the most part, though there are time where I might push your buttons, or say something that you don’t like. This is only to help you grow. I won’t sugar coat things like a friend might, because that won’t help you reach the changes you want to make. If my style is not for you, that’s ok! This is your journey, and it’s important that you have someone who makes you feel as comfortable as possible.

Take a dive in. Everyone needs someone to talk to who is unbiased about your life. If you need to cry for 50 minutes, do it. I’ll meet you where you are at.


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