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Favorite Quotes
“If you can’t be kind, at least have the decency to be vague. It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to be kind to others.”

Our time together may become one of your greatest experiences in learning.

Deepen your intimacy practice to go from feeling ignored to being adored.

“Human Sexuality is beautifully diverse. If we can clarify our sexual values and challenge faulty or limiting beliefs, making more informed choices about sexuality, better assessing risk, and clarifying boundaries in healthy relationships allows each of us to embrace further discovery and growth. Ultimately, we uncover our sexual value of shame and judgement by normalizing conversations about sex, sexual health, self-care and intimacy in relationships.”

Kate’s creative, whole person healing approach will clarify your desires, help communicate your intentions, resolve internal struggle and finally get your needs met.

Kate encourages you to drop into pleasure and allows you the space to come home and embrace your sexuality as creative erotic energy, acknowledge your shadow side and allow creativity to surface.  Discover your Authenticity, Self-Intimacy, Eroticism and Passion in less than 6 sessions.

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Favorite Quotes
If you can’t be kind, at least have the decency to be vague. It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to be kind to others.

Sex deserves more than just a single conversation, so talking about sex(uality) all day is what I do!  Our time together may become one of your greatest experiences in learning.  Get in touch!

Hello all, It’s a pleasure. I am Kate, an LPE (licensed professional educator, 2005)  and a strengths focused sex coach (2017).  With over 300 hours of human sexuality study, aside graduate school, I practice erotic embodiment and personal growth alternatives with single individuals, couples and groups (including transgender persons, LGBTQA+ members, those in the lifestyle, any one exploring kink/fetish and polycule relationships, or group outings).

Working with relationships in the lifestyle and kink communities is like sailing a ship in deep ocean waters, and they say stormy seas make the best sailors; so whether you feel stuck in a routine, you want to address a particular sex related concern or you simply wish to explore ways to achieve intimacy,  having professional and supportive guidance gives you more confidence in relationships as you learn to sail your ship into emotional, sensual, and erotic clarity.

Great singers hire singing coaches, great athletes hire personal trainers, and those who have a desire to dive deep and explore to enhance aspects of their intimate lives – well, they hire me.  Amazing individuals from around the world learn to communicate better, clear up misunderstandings, and resolve ongoing conflicts with themselves.   Once their rational and relational needs were intimately seen they go from feeling ignored to being adored.

  • This coaching promotes living a more authentic and balanced life of self-honoring, acceptance, and healthy boundary formation.  I love teaching how to accept our fantasy side, clearly ask for desires and cravings, gain & respect consent, and be responsible for our own pleasure practice while in a safe, collaborative, and compassionate environment.  I center my focus and intuition on your desired goal while holding safe space for vulnerability when details surface.
  • Suite 108’s Experience Embodiment sessions on Lake Michigan are designed for 1:1, couples+ and private events to empower individuals and couples+ to reach their goal.  During the experience you will learn the rules of consent and engagement, identify your comfort and modesty boundaries, & practice safety measures.  (This yacht tours 2-4 hours casting off from 5900 Lakeshore Drive.)
  • I will always give you the respect of my full attention, so please be honest about your intentions.  PayPal will retain 50% of the session’s rate if you don’t show on the date.
  • Get in touch today on DISCORD  text  or DISCORD  voice to learn more about the possibilities of expanding your self concept and embodying your power.

CLICK: Couples, Men’s, and Women’s intimacy coaching 

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