Money Mindset Mastery


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Sold By: Kelly Noel Zeva


Selling & Serving for Sex-Positive Souls

Calling all sex-positive professionals who want to:

  • Create reliable cash flow
  • Increase their impact
  • Eradicate toxic, non-consensual expressions of sexuality

We provide you with the tools and training you need to get there:

  • Money healing tools & resources
  • Marketing tools, resources, and checklists to uplevel your biz
  • Authentic/aligned sales materials and scripts to go from “surviving” to “thriving”
  • Community support from other sex-positive professionals
  • Chance to appear as an expert in your field in front of 200+ people who are already doing the healing work


Heal your money mindset, learn authentic marketing strategies, and scale your business to $10K months and beyond! Zeva Enterprises supports sex-positive practitioners to have massive impact by facilitating deep healing and inner shifts, as well as teaching business strategy. Kelly Noel Zeva (they/them), CEO and founder, leaped into sex coaching in late 2019. Upon doing so, they quickly learned that most biz coaching programs (and marketing strategies) were not designed for the sexual wellness industry. So, they decided to create them. Zeva specializes in copywriting, funnel design, and biz process development. A self-described “marketing alchemist,” their favorite thing to do is help sex-positive practitioners to move beyond $5K months, expand their influence, and finally reach “Five-Figure Funnel Flow.” Learn more here.




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