Powerful Women in Relationships And Those Who Love ‘Em!


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“Where is he?” and “How do I keep her happy?” are the most common questions I get about relationships today!

All the time, at conferences, at social events, and in emails, powerful women find out that I do sex and relationship education and eventually ask me, “Where are all the great men who can stand up to me and be my equal in a relationship???” And, just as often, the men (and lesbians) who are in love with these powerful, amazing women, after they find out what I do for a living, plead with me, “Dude, how do I make her happy?!”

Something is happening out there in the world of powerful, grounded women and those who love ’em!

I think something’s happening that’s never been there before, or at least wasn’t there for our parents and our grandparents. So, the big questions are: What’s happening and What can we do about it? Well, sex and relationship specialist and friend LiYana Silver and I got to talking. We started comparing notes on what she and I have been experiencing out in the trenches of relationship hell. The result of that conversation was this 2-call teleseminar!

In this downloadable, 2-call series, LiYana and I dive deep into answering…

  • With radiant and powerful women emerging everywhere, where are the men to match them?
  • How can women be strong, independent and expressed and also leave some room for the guys?
  • How can men become more powerful, potent and magnetic through their support of women?

I hope you find it as valuable as the callers who joined us when we recorded this series!

Call 1: Powerful Women in Partnership

Reid interviews Liyana Silver about ways powerful women can balance their partnerships and love relationships and still embrace the masculine and the feminine within themselves. How to attract men who can actually meet you where you are in your journey. And how you can have a juicier, more intimate, fulfilling love live!

Call 2: I’m In Love with a Powerful Woman. Now What?

LiYana has a no-hold-barred, candid conversation with Reid Mihalko on how to hold space and love powerful women in a culture with few role models. Yep, Reid’s gonna talk openly about how he attracts powerful women and how you can too, AND keep them glowing and you feeling great!

Join Reid Mihalko and LiYana Silver by downloading and listening to both of these calls as they delve into the phenomenon of strong, powerful women, the relationships they are having (or not having), and the men who love them. Particular attention will be spent on how to handle the frustrations that can show up and how best to navigate the shifting interpersonal dynamics and power dynamics of today’s relationship high seas! These two podcasts are great for men and women, and listen in as callers ask their own personal questions and receive expert advice!


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