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How Alignment With Your Self-Expression Generates Synergy and Momentum in Your Sex-Positive Business and Career…

Greetings, Peers and Friends!

This is an invitation to a professional discussion, one of an eventual series…

As many of you may have noticed, I’m developing my “Reid Mihalko, sex and relationship educator” brand and business into two distinct arms or offerings.

There is the arm devoted to sex and relationship education for adults (“Muggles” to steal a term I’m fond of from the Harry Potter book), and then there is the “professional arm” focusing on working with people who work with people in the areas of sex and relationships.

For many of us educators, healers, teachers and workshop leaders there comes a point where our life or business, or our creative force and ability to manifest what we want in our lives, reaches a level where we begin to experience what I like to call the “wobble” or “shimmy” of being powerful.

What is the wobble of being powerful, you ask?

Much like an automobile that runs perfectly well when you’re cruising down the highway at 65mph but begins to shake and rattle when you accelerate to 66 and faster, our lives and careers can feel fine and then, at a certain pace or flow, begin to vibrate, and not in a good way.

The wobble or shimmy, as near as I have been able to figure it out, comes from having a part of your life or business out of alignment, and it doesn’t have to be that out of wack to make a horrible racket, but we often don’t begin to notice where our lives or our career is out of alignment until things really begin moving fast.

While a slight wobble isn’t too dangerous or annoying at 66 or 68mph, and while things may seem “fine,” as our lives accelerate to 69, 75, 80mph and cruise along at that speed of manifestation, that shimmy puts an awful lot of unnecessary stress and wear and tear on our car… And that wear and tear, over an extended cruising time of being powerful and creating and manifesting, well, it can and will eventually create bigger problems.

And, of course, these bigger problems always seem to show up at the worst times, right? And don’t forget that they’ll usually show up when you’re life is really flowing and you’re cruising now at 85 or 90mph!

And while the car and mph analogy is just that, an analogy, I think the phenomenon is a valid one, and I think I’ve discovered and am living from a place where I’ve been able to prevent that shimmy from occurring while rocketing forward in my world.

And I want to invite you, my peers, to check it out and test me on it.

This recorded talk I’m inviting you to download I’m calling The Foundations of Facilitating with Synergy, and it is all about my personal thoughts and approaches my life and my work. The concept or approach, for lack of a better word, I’m calling Synergy.

This download is the first part of a talk I gave at a recent Tantra Conference’s Advanced Intensive Teachers Training. This talk is something that I’m both very proud of and nervous to share.

Why am I nervous? Because I don’t usually come out and blatantly share about my inner practice and approach to being who I am and doing my work. That is, until now.

What is Synergy?

Synergy is the combination of 2 out of 3 principles in your life in combination with a fourth quality. And, it’s my belief that having two out of the three principles working in your life on a daily basis begins to give one a certain amount of “presence” or charisma or “gravitas.” It also creates for your life a certain, undeniable momentum.

I think this is why I “occur” as so charismatic to so many even though my life and my business are prone to the same ups and downs we all get bombarded with. It is why, I think, people feel that I am a creative “force to be reckoned with,” and why I have access to so much creative energy and follow through.

And what are these mysterious qualities or principles that go into creating Synergy, you might be thinking? Hmmmmm…

Those first three qualities are Alignment, Intention and Impeccability. The fourth quality is Vulnerability (which I think can be interchanged with the word Transparency).

When you have any two of the three combined with Transparency, I believe you gain access to a whole new dimension or level of empowerment.

Have three out of three combined with that fourth aspect and you’re one of those people who, when they walk into a room or on stage, has a palpable effect on the dynamics of the room or the dynamics of your one-on-one interactions. You begin to resonate for others as a “force to be reckoned with.” No matter what your style or expression is, people respond to you. No matter if you’re the strong, silent type or the animated, gregarious crowd pleaser or the mild mannered, always curious and listening type, people take notice and are drawn to your sense of self and the conviction and clarity you radiate.

I invite you to download this recording and take a leap of faith with me.

The leap of faith is that after you listen to this recording, you give me 90-minutes of your time to answer your questions about the contents of this recording and for the group of us to exchange thoughts and ideas on how to best implement the concept of Synergy in our work and lives.

Whether it’s in your dating life, your business, or your spiritual practice, how can you create more synergy between your intentions, your impeccability, and bring them into alignment with your calling? And how can you be more transparent about all of it?

If, after the calls, it wasn’t totally worth your time, meaning that you didn’t get your money’s worth out of the experience, I’ll give you your money back.

Will you trust me on this? Take the leap with me? Dance this dance?

I don’t often go this deep with my peers and colleagues, and it’s vulnerable for me to lay it all out on the line for you to listen to and then dial-in and hold my feet over the coals, but that’s what transparency and vulnerability are all about, yes?

And attempting to role model these concepts is one of the best ways I know to hone my abilities!

The cost to you is $47 for the downloads 1 and 2

If at any time, you aren’t getting your money’s worth, simply email me and say, “Reid, thanks for the opportunity and I’d like my money refunded,” and I’ll make it so.

That’s it. That’s all I wanted to share. Below, you can find a bunch of quotes that I grabbed from the recording. Yes, the quotes are there to tantalize you further into registering. See? Transparency at work!

Hope this post was worth your time.

Yours in amazingly powerful education,


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