High Performance Relationship Mastery

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Everyone’s taught that relationships are “hard work,” and that “love is sacrifice”… And that advice is exactly what’s holding you back…

Are you ready to get more mileage and horsepower out of your love life? To make powerful and loving changes in your relationships?

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Are you tired of repeating the same relationship mistakes over and over? Ever feel sad or angry seeing cherished loved ones trapped in negative patterns and behaviors? (You know, the ones you saw your parents and their parents bludgeon each other with?)It doesn’t have to be this way anymore. Not for you. Not for those you care about. And it’s not too late. Powerful solutions are are often game-changingly simple… But hard to see, or just weren’t available a decade or more ago. And most popular advice is outdated. And it’s the wrong advice for today’s modern relationship landscape. Working harder and sacrificing more is what we were role modeled, so we struggle more with each step, trying harder, but feeling slightly confused and vaguely disappointed that life didn’t bring the promised reward of that delightfully deep love and engagement that nourishes the soul. After a few frustrating years or a few failed relationships, the exhaustion and disappointment makes it all to easy to dismiss that secret hope as a fairy tale. The wounds and scar tissue from dashed dreams allows us to convince ourselves that we’re broken (or our loved ones never really cared).And, as resentments build up over time, and the journey gets heavier and heavier, most give up and “settle,” or quit altogether because nothing better seems possible. Sound familiar? Know someone like this? Just turn on the television and you’ll see hundreds of couples lying, manipulating, hiding, and struggling to get needs met in painfully ineffective ways. I know it can seem like there’s no other way, especially when we’re surrounded with old advice that reinforces “work harder and bare it because being with someone in a so-so relationship is better than being alone.” This is the “it’s good enough” advice, akin to having an old Dodge station wagon that gets you where you need to, but leaks oil, burns rubber, and has no air conditioning or heat…It’ll get you to the end of your life, but not in style or with any sense of fun or satisfaction. And you’ll pay dearly for a lifetime of horrible gas mileage and discomfort. Relationships and love were never meant to be endured. But that’s what we were taught, so it feels familiar, and to consider something different brings up fears of the unknown and worries of “real failure.” What if you give up that old Dodge and have to walk everywhere in the rain, the heat, and cold? What if you spend all your money trying to fix it and it breaks down completely? Better to stick with the status quo because, at least then, you’ll fit in and people will “get you.” I watched my parents — two people deeply in love — try to do the right thing and follow the advice they grew up with. They struggled with “keeping the old Dodge going” because that’s all they knew. It drove my mother to alcoholism and rage, my father to workaholism and lies, and me and my brothers to unhealthy behaviors of powerlessness, avoidance. Because I had proof that “love is not enough” to keep people from hurting each other and their kids, I swore I would find the tools that my parents were missing. I knew there had to be a better way. If I couldn’t save my parents, I could save myself from repeating what I grew up with. And I spent the last 30 years learning, testing and finding ways to step out of the default of “enduring the status quo” and into High Performance Relationships. You won’t find my discoveries in Cosmo or GQ (unless they’ve interviewed me). You won’t hear Dr. Oz or Dr. Drew teaching my tools, or find my approaches in your local bookstore or conventional relationship guides. Why? It’s because this advice goes against conventional thinking (which means Dr. Oz’s advertisers would never go for it). But these tools make. so much sense when you grasp them. To grasp these concepts means you won’t need to rely on Dr. Drew anymore, and you’ll laugh at magazine articles, no longer threatened by them or feeling broken. Why? Because you’ll see where the old advice is flawed and understand why it’s outdated. And you’ll know what TO DO. And the most fun part for me is that it’s not about me telling you who you should be or how you’re broken. I get to show you the tools and concepts and then set you free to build the life that YOU WANT, the life that YOU feel is the best fit for YOU and your loved ones. And these become the things you get to pass on to your kids, your nephews and nieces, your friends and family. Together, we can help make relationships easier, healthier, more deeply connected, playful, and nourishing… Not just for ourselves, but our communities. And would life be easier if your friends had more relationship wins to celebrate and less drama and mistakes to regret? Would work and community functions be more delicious if those around you were better at communicating? Imagine what would it feel like to have the admiration and respect of your peers because you continually kick-ass in relationships? I won’t ever tell you what you should create or what relationship destination to choose, but I will point out how YOU can upgrade your relationship skills to Jedi-like levels and help you take the valuable pieces from your old Dodge, and help you and your partner(s) turn it into the vehicle of your dreams. That’s right… Relationships aren’t just to “not be lonely” when you’re old, or so you can have sex once in awhile. Relationships are powerful and inspirational and can help you create the energy and direction you’ve been wanting in your life. And combining your energy toward a common goal generates a passion and delight that few people get to experience! There is a way to make your relationships High Performance Relationships! And there’s a way to master this. How?  The best way to do that is to spend 3 days with me, in-person, live! Which is why I’m running this 3-Day Live Event so you can rediscover your purpose and passion, see the flaws in the outdated advice, and learn what modern tools and concepts you should swap them out with and how best to use ‘em! And while you’re reconnecting with the real you and your real partner(s), I’ll be also upgrading your abilities in 3 key areas: Communication, Sex and Affection, and Relationship I.Q. Why? So your loved ones will feel more open, more able to share and be themselves with you, and so they will associate YOU with the joy and delight they feel.
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That’s right- bring that old Dodge in for an alignment, and let’s drop in a better engine, fixe the heater and air-conditioning, and get your love life washed and painted at the same time! 🙂


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