Sex Ed. Independent Study Unit: A Digital Resource on GOOGLE DOCS or to PRINT!


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★★★★★ Make teaching Sex Ed. easy – Now online on GOOGLE DRIVE!


This program is either a completely “Do at Home ONLINE” independent learning curriculum; or use the “Print” version to teach in class or send home! It’s relevant, engaging, interesting, and eye-opening for students!




All files are also in the downloaded folder in Word and PDF for easy editing!


Whew! I’ve had many requests for an online Sex Ed. unit, and I’ve been working hard to get this posted! It turned out fantastic! It’s 25 lessons/activities that can be done once a day for a 3 to 4-week unit; or, the 25 lessons/activities can be done in 13 days by completing 2 lessons a day. See topics below.


While I know all of us Health teachers would rather teach the Sex Ed. Unit in class, it’s better for students to get this information at home than not get it at all…Our Health class is often the only place students will get this sexual health information, so I hope this program will help you feel comfortable and confident sending this resource home in this unique time of school closures.






  • Distance learning
  • Independent study
  • Alternative schools
  • Summer schools (Teacher in-class instruction and additional activities included)
  • Home schools
  • Students with an extended absence
  • Health Credit Retrieval
  • Self-contained Classrooms
  • Great sub plans!!




★You have never seen a program like this one! No more having students do vocabulary words out of an old Health book to get a Health credit!


★Get kids engaged and grab their interest with interactive surveys, worksheets, art projects, introspective reflections, a parent communicator, writing assignments, and more.


★This Common Core aligned 3-to-4 week Sex Ed. Independent Study Unit will help you present an engaging, medically-based, revealing, and interesting sexuality unit with ease.




-It’s super organized and easy to administer this independent program!


-When teaching sexual education teachers needs to take into account many variables: student age and maturity, school district guidelines, community input, and state requirements. For this reason, documents are in WORD and PDF for easy editing!




Here are some awesome features of this program:


1. Aligned with State, National, and Common Core Standards. Standards are listed for easy reference in the “Table of Contents” and in each lesson.


2. The program is EASY!!! It’s truly “independent learning” and the teacher needs to do very little to administer this program. The point of the whole program is that students work independently-at home or in a classroom.


3. It is medically and scientifically accurate, with works cited.


4. It’s very organized!! Simply print re-usable ”Student Direction Packets” and disposable “Student Fill-In” packets, sign a contract with your students and go! Or, send students the links to the Google online directions and Google Slides worksheets!


5. There is also a 215-page teacher packet with full program directions, suggested pacing, optional teaching in class suggestions, unit test, and assignment and test keys.


Here are the 25 Lessons


Healthy Relationships Section Includes:


1. Empathy Survey and Homework


2. Communication Skills Survey


4. “I-Statements and “Asking Questions” Activities


5. Love Language Survey


6. Unhealthy Relationships Survey


7. “What is a Healthy Relationship?” Poster Project (Art Scoring Rubric Included)


8. Anger Survey


9. “Anger Cartoons” Art Project (Art Scoring Rubric Included)


10. “How Assertive Are You?” Survey


11. “Blind, Paralyzed, or In Prison for Life” Writing Assignment (looking at the possible consequences of violence)


12. “What is “Romance?” / Gender Identity


13. Puberty



Sex Ed. Section Includes:


14. Female and Male Anatomy Quiz and Answers


15. Peer Pressure Lines Flip Chart Project (Art Scoring Rubric Included)


16. Sexually Transmitted Infections Quiz and Information


17. HIV/AIDS Quiz, Key and Explanations


18. “Emotional Baggage Activity”


19. Abstinence Lesson and Worksheet


20. Birth Control Activity and Reflections


21. Unhealthy Versus Healthy Relationships


22. Sexual Assault


23. Sexuality Parent-Teen Communicator


24. Sex Ed. Unit Test Review


25. Sex Ed. Final Unit Test


BONUS! In the “Teacher’s Packet” I couldn’t resist including 36 optional video links




PREVIOUS BUYERS NOTE: These independent study lessons are sold separately from any of my other curriculums. While lessons in this independent study program are taken from my #1 Best-Selling 3-Week Sex Ed. Unit, my #1 Best-Selling full High School Health and Middle School (or Level 1, 2, or 3 Middle Health) curriculums, the lessons are in a completely different format. Rather than including step-by-step teacher directions and PowerPoints, this program includes online or printable step-by-step STUDENT directions and online or printable Fill-in Student Pages.










* Documents are editable and included in Word and PDF formats.


* Ask your school district to purchase this curriculum for you!


* Purchase Orders are accepted!



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