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Raise Your Hand If You’ve Ever Had a Boring Teacher Who Was Teaching an Even MORE Boring Workshop… Here’s How To NEVER Become THAT Teacher!
  • Ever found it difficult to put together a workshop or online program? Or write promotional copy for something you’re creating?
  • Do you feel anxious or insecure about what to teach and how to present your ideas powerfully?
  • Know that you need to put your ideas out into the world, but afraid that others will steal and copy them?
  • Ever had the perfect idea for a workshop, but hesitated doing it, only to see someone else beat you to it?
Or how about this….
  • Ever needed to create an entire workshop or talk on a tight deadline and found yourself stumbling over “curriculum-block” (writers-block for workshop facilitators and teachers)?
  • Ever lose a teaching gig or speaking opportunity because you couldn’t get them the workshop marketing copy quick enough? Or you were so unsure or anxious about it that you sabotaged yourself or passed on the opportunity?
You Don’t Have To Lose The College Speaking Gig or Blow That Teaching Opportunity… 
You Don’t Have To Hesitate or Feel Paralyzed with Fear.
The Good News: Sex educators are in demand! The world needs now, more than ever, accessible and accurate sexual health and relationship education. And the industry of sex education desperately needs more diversity and authentic voices reaching out to the multitudes of humanity leading sex lives of quiet desperation. The Bad News: Too many talented sex educators never design even one workshop. And of those that do, too many fail to ever run those workshops, or courageously try but stop because no one showed up or their fears sabotage them. Our Experience: We’ve all attended a workshop that was effectively promoted, looking forward to with eager anticipation… Only to discover that the teacher and/or the workshop was horrible. What a disappointment. What a missed opportunity to help people, right? The Exciting News: You don’t have to miss any more opportunities. You don’t have to fall victim to any of the things we just talked about. And, if you’ve made your share of mistakes (like I did), you can leave all that behind you now…
There’s a Workshop Inside of You Just Waiting To Change Lives! Will You Join Me?

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Designing Kick-Ass Workshops and Programs with Confidence is Easier Than You Think.
In Fact, 3-Days is All You Need to Learn How To Unlock a Lifetime of Future Awesomesauce. 
Three Days is All You Need to Design an Amazing Workshop.
If you’re ready to design powerfully engaging workshops and create memorable, life-changing products and programs… Content that gets you booked over and over as you establish and build your professional reputation, then read on because I have something exciting to share with you….
Imagine having an easy-to-apply approach to designing any course, product, webinar, or workshop…
Imagine having a design process that automatically leverages your expertise while unleashing your creativity and joy?
Imagine If The Way You Designed Your Workshops Allowed You To “See The Bigger Picture” of Your Career? What If You Could Intentionally Design Those Pieces To Complete That Picture?
The ability to be powerfully prolific is an amazing advantage in one’s career!
And sex education as a career is no different. Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? But this ability exists and I’m certain of it. Because I built a system out of it, and it’s exactly the system I use. To date, I’ve created over 40 different workshops, talks, and retreats, which means that I’ve run those over 800 times all across North America. And a few of these workshops have even been taught by other people in other languages and countries. This is how I built my career and positioned myself as one of America’s foremost sex educators. And this is also how I pay my bills each month, without stress. And, as a teaching nerd and workshop design geek who’s spoken at dozens of professional conferences and coached hundreds of sex educators around their businesses and careers as sex educators, here’s what I’ve noticed…
Most Sex Educators and Workshop Facilitators Struggle with Workshop Design. And YOU Don’t Have To… Not Anymore.
You can give yourself more freedom, more choice, and more ability to create countless workshops, lectures, keynotes, and online programs. And I can help you do it in just 3 days. Why not tap into and harness your ability to “call forth” and generate smart, engaging, empowering curriculum that is easy to learn and impossible to forget? Don’t you want to create curriculum that impresses your peers, and expands your reach while making it near impossible to rip-off or steal your ideas? You don’t have to be a “one-hit wonder” of the sex education world. Or, worse, a no-hit wonder.
You Can Use This Approach To Design Your Training and Certification Programs, Too, So Others Can Spread Your Work While You Get Paid…
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Maybe someday down the road, you’ll want to design a training or certification program to teach others to represent your work and transform lives while you take a vacation or spend time with your family… Or maybe you don’t really want to be “out in front” as the face of the work that you do, but helping people help people from “behind the scenes.” It’s possible. I did it with Cuddle Party, and now Cuddle Party is taught around the world. These 3 days will give you an approach to be able to create all that. If you’re a sex-positive educator and would like to…  
  • Create more engaging, charismatic, trustworthy products and programs…
  • Learn how to create unforgettable frameworks that make your content easier to learn and harder to rip-off
  • Feel more self-confident teaching in front of small and large groups (because your workshops are a natural extension of your self-expression)
  • Have marketing your programs and products be a breeze.
  • Know that people will feel that they got more than their money’s worth and will value the message and lessons you share because of the way you share it..
  • Turbo-charge all the content you already have and learn how to plug one workshop into an entire curriculum…
  • And do all this while having a blast building a network of fellow sex ed educators…
Join internationally known sex and relationship geek Reid Mihalko of, creator of Sex Geek Summer Camp and over 40 other workshops and programs, for this 3-day retreat designed for sex-positive educators and facilitators to design their next great workshop, course, or program! In this 3-day “Small Batch” retreat (limited to 30 people), YOU will be introduce to Reid’s unique and revolutionary set of concepts and practices for creating your own workshops and curriculum. Skills that will allow you to enroll whole communities of participants, impress your peers, leave your mark on your industry, and leave everyone wanting eagerly for your next series of workshops and creations! If you are ready to earn the respect of your peers by learning how to weave advanced teaching techniques with smart educational design… Design that allows your clients to learn easily and integrate deeply… If you are ready to increase your professionalism, prowess, and potential as a sex educator… Then I invite you to:
Join me for 3 Days Designed to Transform Your Teaching Game Or Your Money Back…

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