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Sold By: Jaiya and Ian


Open up the hottest conversation you may ever have with your lover!

How to use this sexy checklist for safe and satisfying sexual exploration:  

  • For every technique listed, check the box for your “Want To,” “Willing To” and “No Way”
  • Have your partner do the same
  • Come together, compare your lists and see where you align in your sexual desires

Where you’re both a “Want To!”

  • You can play full out!
  • Dive in, learning skills to make these shared interests as hot as they can possibly be

Where you or your partner are a “Willing To!”

  • This may be a place of curiosity. You’re not sure, but you’d like to explore
  • This may be a place where your lover is a “Want To” and you’re “willing to” play, because you find pleasure through turning them on and you desire to expand!

When you’re a “No Way!”

  • This lets you and your lover know what is off the table
  • Respect these as hard limits
  • This is an opportunity to honor each other’s boundaries
  • Your “want to” may be a “no way” for your partner. Here’s a chance to explore with compassion and curiosity where you don’t line up in your sexual needs and desires.
  • Get creative when you’re not in alignment and see how you can meet each other’s needs without compromising your own

Intimacy is about getting Raw and Real! Reveal your true desires, discover how to play full out with a lover, protected by clear boundaries that come from clear communication!

The Sex Communication Checklist can help to:

  • Eliminate confusion, disconnection and miscommunication
  • Meet your lover right where they are, confident you’re both on board for mutually satisfying sexual exploration
  • Play at the edges of sexual adventure and discovery, when you explore your “willing to’s”

Are you willing to claim the deep erotic fulfillment you crave?

How much pleasure can you stand?

I’m here to support you on the path!

Fill your life with pleasure,



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