Sexual Healing Challenge


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Sold By: Kelly Noel Zeva


Make Peace with Sex and Intimacy FOR GOOD!

Walk away with our signature “Sex Alchemy Framework” so you create amazing relationships and have connective sex by healing past trauma and honoring your boundaries.

During this challenge, you will…

  • Release limiting beliefs around sex in a way that’s easy and approachable
  • Get clear on what you want with sex, in relationships, and in your life
  • Heal from break-ups, divorces, or abuse, and establish healthy boundaries moving forward
  • Connect with your body so that sex, intimacy, and relationships feel EXCITING 🤩

For spiritually-driven people who want to…

  • Attract high-value partners who treat them with respect
  • Experience greater levels of joy, freedom, and connection
  • Have mind-blowing, passionate sex… and more of it!
  • Identify, explore, and embrace their authentic sexual desires
  • Feel safe and EXCITED about sex and intimacy 💕

What’s Included?

  • 15+ hours of video trainings
  • Journaling prompts to invite deeper reflection
  • 24-page digital workbook
  • High-powered channeled meditations and healing processes
  • Group past-life regression
  • LIVE group graduation/integration call in mid-February 2021
  • Lifetime access!!

INVESTMENT: For this exclusive offer, it’s only $97 for access to all of the recorded content from the challenge + the LIVE group integration call.

What content do I get access to?

In addition to the 24-page workbook, an 18-minute intention-setting meditation, and five journaling prompts, you get access to these 9 high-powered masterclasses:

  • DAY 1: Release Limiting Beliefs Around Sex… Learn what beliefs hold you back from self-love, body acceptance, and amazing sex and relationships, as well as how to release them, even on your own.
  • DAY 2: Reprogram Your Mind for Sexual Expansion… Create the reality you want to live. Learn how to hack your reality and prepare yourself for MORE pleasure, healing, and connection.
  • DAY 3: Safely Explore Repressed Sexual Desires… Navigate the fears you have around sex & sexuality, and learn to explore these long-held desires safely, even if you have a history of trauma.
  • DAY 4: Accelerate Healing Through Conscious Touch… Connect with your body, deepen your pleasure, and accelerate your healing. Walk away with tools to enhance any encounter.
  • DAY 5: Design Your Authentic Self-Pleasure Practice…. Blend ritual with self-pleasure (not just solo sex!) so you feel more connected to your body, your creative energy, and your authentic self.
  • BONUS 1: Explore Alternate Timelines to Release Past Life Sexual Trauma… Join us for a past life regression (alternate timeline healing) and release deeper patterns of sexual trauma. Gain clarity on patterns of self-sabotage, rewrite past narratives of ancestral and past life trauma, and unearth and heal subconscious limiting beliefs.
  • BONUS 2: Six Ways to Reclaim Your Energy & Time by Healing Sexual Trauma… Free up more space in your schedule and create greater vitality! We’ll discuss six concrete, action-packed ways to make the most of your time and energy by healing sexual trauma.
  • BONUS 3: Make More Money & Create Global Value Through Self-Pleasure… Walk away with tools to manifest more money and create greater value in your life, community, and world through self-pleasure. Now that you’ve designed your authentic self-pleasure practice, use it to create massive abundance for you and for others.
  • BONUS 4: Q&A with the Erotic Empowerment Team… Our team talks about the program, what it’s like to do sexual healing work outside of the challenge, and Kelly Noel answers other questions about sexuality, intimacy, trauma, energy work, conscious relationships, and erotic desires.



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