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The Body Mechanix is here for all those who seek out something that differs from ordinary bodywork. Be it a specific issue or being in search of something that is better then the norm then look no further. I specialize in a full bodywork session that will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed,rejuvenated and re energized.

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As the Body Mechanix I have been fixing and helping individuals,couples and groups with body and relationship issues and questions for 24 yrs. Being a body worker and body mechanix has allowed me to develop a session that will not only address any physical issues that an individual may have but allow them to also be introduced to a deep blissful relaxed state of being.

I have always loved sensual bodywork, my first girl friend who was a massage therapist introduced me to it. Since then I have refined and expanded my sensual technique to included essential oils that stimulate and heighten the senses and pleasure. I feel the transfer of sensual touch at times is just as effective as reiki, hands on healing, touching and connecting to the chakras of the body. I am now developing a new sensual session for those  who have expressed interest in yoni, nuru and full body sensual bodywork.

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