The Creator’s Mind: Fear


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Fear, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome—they affect us all. We tackle these topics head on in our new web series, The Creator’s Mind: Fear. Over the past year, we spoke with seasoned creators such as Gretchen Rubin, Kim Coles, and Seth Godin about their own strategies for conquering mental setbacks and achieving success so you too can overcome your own fears and unleash your full potential.  Watch this three part web series and overcome what’s limiting your creativity.

This free online training is for you if:

✔️ You have knowledge you can share with others—and you know you could help more people if only you could reach out to them
✔️ You’ve been considering taking what you know from offline to online
✔️ You want to take control of your financial future by diversifying and scaling the ways you make money
✔️ You have a network of people interested in learning what you do—you just need to find a way to monetize it
✔️ You want to reach more people and stop trading hours for dollars

Whether you’re a personal coach, sex educator, therapist, social worker, body or energy worker, or a yogi practitioner—if you have real-world knowledge, you could be using it to make money online.


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