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The KINDer Foundation believes the way each of us talks about sex, gender, and relationships can be said with either confidence or anxiety, because it’s not only WHAT we say, but also how we say it that counts.

That's why TKFND is providing a Learning Market platform for Sex-Leaders to develop rich resources and original content intended for anyone searching for a deeper understanding of their sexual concerns and intimate curiosities. That's where you come in!

Welcome to the next wave of Sex Empowering Sex-Ed, bringing sex positive people like YOU, and others with a rich knowledge base of sexology, together in one collaborative effort. Join in at TKFND's SexEd Market. Your voice and content could make a profound and lasting effect in someone's sex life!

TKFND's SexEd Market Platform went LIVE. We have been thrilled every day since.

May 20, 2020
8:00pm Central Time

P.S. If you’re bringing knowledge to the world about sex, sexuality, health, intimacy, relationships, or pleasure, there is a place for your content at TKFND’s Learning Market.

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