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Today I wanted to talk about how The Parents’ Guide to Puberty is different from all the other puberty books that are out there.

The main difference is that it’s a book for parents (not kids). 99.99% of the puberty books out there are written for kids to read. Or they’re a textbook.

The Parents’ Guide to Puberty is different as it has been written for parents, carers, and people who work with children. It isn’t a book for kids.

The other thing that makes this book different, is that it is based on what parents have told me they need. This is actually my second puberty book for parents. The first book was two books (Boy Puberty and Girl Puberty) that I wrote in 2017 because parents were asking me for a book that would tell them how to talk to their child about puberty and sex. So I have now merged those two books into one book, revised and updated the information inside, and added a Q&A section (with age-appropriate answers to questions kids commonly ask parents about puberty).

This book is also a resource book that you can keep coming back to. And regardless of your child’s gender or sex, and whether your child is 8 or 16 years old, the information inside it will be relevant. 

Plus it will help you to support and understand your child as they enter this new phase of their life!

And for the next couple of days, you can grab a copy for just 99 cents.

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And if you don’t have a kindle, then that’s fine as you don’t need one to read this book. You can still read it on any computer or tablet using Amazon’s free software, available here. Or you can grab the paperback.

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