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  • What are some different ways to cuddle?
    Some common positions are: spooning (both lying facing the same direction, with the “big spoon” embracing the “little spoon”); lying face to face; head on their lap or chest; mama/papa bear (sitting in front of them facing the same direction), and many others.

    See the forum post on How to cuddle for more ideas, and some of the videos in the Resources section of this FAQ.
    How does public cuddling work?
    Public cuddling can either take place somewhere outside, like a park or zoo, or indoors such as a cinema or concert. Sunsets and beaches can be a relaxing setting too. Some cuddling possibilities are: arms around shoulders, holding hands, walking arm in arm, looking into each other’s eyes or lying down on a blanket.

    See the last few links in the Cuddle sessions forum post for more ideas.
    How do I prepare for a cuddle?
    Just use basic hygiene: shower, brush your teeth, shave stubble and wear fresh clothes.

    People usually avoid perfume and cologne. If you do want to wear a scent, it’s a good idea to check with your cuddle partner first (some people have allergies).
    What do people wear when cuddling?
    Wear whatever is comfortable; at minimum, shorts and a tee shirt or tank top. Some people wear pajamas or yoga pants.

    Skin on skin contact can be very beneficial and releases oxytocin, but note that the phrase “lots of skin contact” can be interpreted as sexually oriented, even if it is innocently intended.

    Both the Terms of service (for everyone on this site) and the Client Service Agreement (for professionals and clients) disallow cuddling nude or in underwear only.
    What if I become aroused and get an erection?
    Arousal while cuddling happens sometimes, and is not something to be too concerned about; physical reactions are not always indicative of a person’s mental state. Maybe change positions to avoid direct contact in the “hip” area, or take some time out. The bottom line is that when someone feels aroused they do not have to act on it. Some related forums threads:

    • Arousal during cuddling?
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    What if someone pushes boundaries or makes me uncomfortable?
    Always speak up if you feel uncomfortable. Discussing boundaries before cuddling is important, but even if you haven’t talked about them you always have the right to say no to something you are uncomfortable with.

    Hopefully you never find yourself in such a situation, but if you feel disrespected or unsafe, just end the cuddle; it may not seem like a “nice” thing to do, but your safety is your number one concern.

    If someone acts inappropriately towards you, please report them. This makes the site safer for everyone. You can do this by visiting their profile and clicking on the “…” button, then selecting Report. Alternatively, use the Contact form to report them.
    How do platonic cuddling relationships work?
    It can be an adjustment for some people to experience physical closeness without there being a romantic element. But hopefully you’ll get the hang of it after a cuddle or two!

    Some things that can help keep things platonic include: having multiple cuddle partners (which is also helpful in case someone becomes unavailable for some reason, such as moving away); maybe avoid cuddling people you feel a strong attraction to; clearly discuss boundaries before cuddling.

    It is unwise to go into a cuddle expecting it to lead to a romantic relationship:

    “If one person goes into the session with even a small hope of it becoming something more though, it can lead to a disaster for both people as one may develop feelings for the other and the other person thinks they will be staying as a platonic friendship. That can mean the loss of someone you thought wanted only a cuddle partner like you and they ended up wanting more, ruining it for both of you.” – @reurbo in this forum post.

    Cuddle Comfort has no desire to police people’s relationships. If after getting to know each other two cuddlers want to change their relationship to a romantic one, they can obviously do that. But platonic relationships can be just as rewarding and fulfilling as other kinds, so be open to the possibility of forming deep and lasting connections based on something other than romance.
    How do I ask a friend to cuddle who is unfamiliar with it?
    One approach is to bring up the topic of platonic cuddling and its benefits without directly asking the friend if they want to cuddle, then gauge their reaction to see if it is something they might be open to. Most people associate cuddling with romance, so it might take a little education for them to think differently about it.

    See this forum post for some more thoughts.
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  • respectful edited July 2020 FlagResourcesAre there any books on cuddling?
    • The Cuddle Sutra by Rob Grader.
    • Touch: The Power of Human Connection by Samantha Hess.
    • The Snuggle Party Guidebook by Dave Wheitner.
    • The Book of Cuddles by Dr. Yoni Alkan.

    Unreleased books (due near the end of 2018):

    • Somebody Hold Me: The Single Person’s Guide to Nurturing Human Touch by Epiphany Jordan.
    Are there any movies related to cuddling?
    • Cuddle: A Documentary by Fast Lane Productions (forum thread here).
    Are there helpful YouTube videos?
    • 22 days of cuddle positions (about 1:00 each).
    • How to cuddle a girl (forum thread here) (5:15).
    • Professional Cuddler Amanda Anatra on The Scene (20:43).
    • Becca Close “Professional Cuddler Wanted” at Ignite Boulder 30 (5:11).
    • Rediscovering platonic touch | Janet Treviño | TEDxSanAntonio (12:34).
    Are there some cuddling blogs?
    There is a blog associated with this site (submit articles here): https://www.cuddlecomfort.com/blog

    Some member sites with cuddling blogs and articles:

    • @HugsFromFei — http://cuddlesanctuary.com/blog
    • @SnugglewithSam — https://www.snugglewithsam.com/blog
    • @AndiCuddles — http://andicuddles.com
    • @BlueIris — https://blueiriscuddles.wordpress.com
    • @catloaf — https://cuddlosophy.wordpress.com/blog-2
    • @Sunflowerfield — https://cuddlecentral.wordpress.com
    Are there any cuddling events?
    CuddlExpo is on in Chicago, September 28th-30th 2018. It is mainly aimed at professionals, but there is a cuddling event open to everyone on each of the three days.

    There may also be cuddle parties in your local area.

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