Let’s talk about sex with someone in a wheelchair! First, for folks who are super new to sex and disability, Amaze.org has this awesome video to get you started.

I also highly recommend this soon-to-be-published book by Limerence Press, an imprint of Oni Press, called “A Quick and Easy Guide to Sex and Disability” by A. Andrews. It’s a graphic novel all about – you guessed it – sex and disability and I love it. It comes out in May 2020, so follow Limerence on Twitter to hear when it’s out! You can also pre-order it on Amazon.

I offer loads of questions Cassandra can ask her new beau, and I also suggest a Yes No Maybe list. Head to dawnserra.com/ep290 for a great resource on those.

Next, Scaredy Cat and Queer & Missing Sex are BOTH scared about sex.

Scaredy Cat is in eating disorder recovery and found me through Christy Harrison’s amazing show, Food Psych. SC hasn’t had a boyfriend and is terrified of sex to the point that she is cutting off potential partners out of fear that they’ll expect or want sex. What can she do?

In addition to all the things I mention on the show, I also pulled together a reading list for SC as a way to start learning, practicing, and finding more language around sex, boundaries, needs, and desires.

Some books to get you going can be found at dawnserra.com/ep290

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